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Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by Gomer, Jun 23, 2010.

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    The search has been disabled until a better module can be found. Some one should chime in with the easy google feature (site search).
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    Ya, I agree sixlines are a little too big for their britches. They should be added last anyway since they will decimate the copepod population of a new tank. My tank has two clowns, added first, a canary blenny and a neon goby added next and then the six line. That wrasse is crazy, he swims around the tank at super speed after being fed and is just weird, he does his little dance like in this video.
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    I'd suggest doing the following - sixline

    Adding the site: really helps. :) I'm drupal idiot, but I'd be happy to help add a mini-box to the website to do this. It shouldn't be that hard. Who do i contact?

    Anyway, i have open top and water filled to the highest point. My clowns and damsels has never care to jump out. The snails, however, climbed out of the tank into the hang-on-back skimmer. :-/ That's probably how i've been missing snails.
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    Lynn Erin (PixelPixy) is in charge of the website. There is a thread on this on the website question forum. You should post your offer there :D
  5. Apon

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    Tony, I onced had a neon goby jump out of work tank .... it was being chased by my lemon peel angel. I don't know why, since I had 2 gobies in there, the larger one ( 1 inch) was being chased not so much the other one which was a little smaller. now the lone gober is still fine.

    How about a nice baby Angler? or flame angel ?
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    I really like it when fish do cool things, like my clown eats out of my hand.
  7. Matt_Wandell

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    One option to prevent carpet surfing and preserve the "rimless" look is to just set up your overflow/drain system so that your water level is about 4-6" lower than it "should" be. Not foolproof, but it will keep in a lot of fish.

    Here's a phot of the same idea, executed on a braced tank after the fact. You get the idea...
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    I think they would win a surfing contest any day. Though I am pretty sure what they are doing is illegal. :D
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    What is the link for the photo on the bottom.
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    Watch out Bearsharktopuses have evolved.

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    simply right click on it (pic) and "copy link location" if you are on a PC

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