ORA Miami Orchid

Discussion in 'DBTC - SPS' started by tuberider, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. Roc

    Roc Guest

    I owuld love to get in line for this one........
  2. Paradox

    Paradox Guest

    I have 2 nd gens I can make of this. WIll be available at the april meeting or pickup in sf at my house.
  3. saltwatersig

    saltwatersig Volunteer

    sorry to say but i have lost this one :((
  4. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Want another Serg? :D
  5. saltwatersig

    saltwatersig Volunteer

    I think that would be great Jeremy
  6. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Awesome! If you are going to attend the holiday mixer I'll bring you a nice frag :)
  7. saltwatersig

    saltwatersig Volunteer

    Yes Sir , I will see you there

  8. hooked

    hooked Guest

    Does any else want frags ? I could cut about 40 frags ( no B.S. ) and would love the room in my tank .
  9. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Haha I got in before you Mikey, good luck giving them away :D
  10. Crabby

    Crabby Guest

    I'll be glad to take a frag (or several)
  11. saltwatersig

    saltwatersig Volunteer

    A frag avail for the March Bod meeting , pick a # 1-10

  12. melly mel

    melly mel Supporting Member

    Lucky 7 please!
  13. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Number one por favor :)
  14. scuba71

    scuba71 Supporting Member

    #8 please.
  15. saltwatersig

    saltwatersig Volunteer

    added pics
  16. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Hi folks! If you want a frag of MO, pm Mikey A.K.A. hooked here on the forum, his colony is absolutely massive and he needs to chop it up to make some room. Don't worry if he doesn't respond right away, he'll get back with you before the April meeting.
  17. saltwatersig

    saltwatersig Volunteer

    winner is ..........scuba , see you tomorrow
  18. scuba71

    scuba71 Supporting Member

    Awesome... Thanks Sergio. See you tomorrow.
  19. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Should have a couple frags of this cut today or tomorrow for pickup at the next meeting. I want to make sure they heal well before "I draw any names out of the hat." More to come as I do inventory on other threads.

    No number picking though :p I started it and I'll end my threads without it lol

    coral note: This one browned out on me while under LEDs. Not sure if it was too much or too little or wrong spectrum. Totally healthy otherwise.
  20. sfboarders

    sfboarders Guest

    I'm interested Tony. When is our next meeting? 5/12?

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