Oregon Reefer here moved back to the bay.

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    Hi Bay Area Reefers!

    My name is Brian and I have been living and reefing in Oregon for the past 4 years while going to college. Now that college is done I have moved back to Walnut Creek (Where I am from originally). Unfortunately, despite having plans in place to move my display tank to California a week before my move it crashed and I lost 100% of my fish, 100 % SPS, 50% LPS, and 20% Softies. So if you're in the area and are selling frags or willing to cut frags let me know! Basically looking for any type of SPS and some LPS stuff like torches. Anyway let me show you what kind of tanks I had in Oregon:

    70G DIY Seahorse Tank:
    What got me into saltwater originally was a tank I custom built 3 years ago. I ripped out a coat closet during a home remodel I was working on during college and in its place, I build a custom 36x20x20 custom aquarium. At first, I wasn't sure what to do with it and it was a planted freshwater but eventually, I decided I was going to give saltwater a try and try and keep some seahorses. I changed it over and got 6 seahorses from Oceanrider. All in all, Seahorses were super fun and a great way to start out in saltwater. During this time I also had a 55G freshwater discuss tank, but as Saltwater grew on me I decided I was going to tear down the discuss tank and convert 100% to saltwater.
    A few photos:

    75G DIY Reef Tank:
    Next, I wanted to build a large reef tank. I was getting tired of struggling to keep softies in my seahorse aquarium. So I ended up purchasing a 75G from Petco for the display and a 40G for the sump and building my first reef tank.
    Unfortunately, as I mentioned above this tank crashed. The short story is, it ran out of the water. I ended up flying to Alaska to work on a family project initially I intended to be gone for 2 to 3 weeks. However I ended up spending extra time in Alaska and then on top of that, I ended up flying straight to the bay area for a couple of job interviews. By the time I got back to Oregon It had been 4 weeks and my Auto top off Reservoir was bone dry. Looks like it came down to 2 or 3 days which is why I was able to save half my LPS and most of my softies. I may end up selling this display, for the time being, haven't made up my mind yet.

    50G DIY Frag Tank:
    I had planned this build before my reef tank crashed but ended up expediting it a bit because of it. I purchased a 50G Zoomed lowboy from Concord aquarium and set up a new frag tank where I will rehabilitate the corals that were salvaged and rebuild my coral collection before I set up my display tank again. Will probably set up a new display tank once I am settled in by the end of this year.

    Anyway glad to be back in the Bay Area. Let me know if you're in the area and have some inexpensive frags you're wanting to sell! And what are the best reef stores in the Bay for corals and fish?

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. sfsuphysics

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    From that title I was thinking "OMG THE OregonReef guy is coming to the bay...." nope, but that said welcome :D Sorry to hear about your tank crash, hopefully your frag tank can get up, running and cycled pronto so you can keep your other corals alive.
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  3. Coral reefer

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    I’ve got a bunch of frags in sf. Welcome back home. I grew up near Walnut Creek. What school did you go to?
    I encourage you to become a supporting member and enjoy the dbtc program as well as the supporting members only swap next month.
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  4. iCon

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    Aquatic Collection. Go there and you won’t need any others.
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  5. tankguy

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    Welcome back to the insanely expensive Bay Area
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  6. glee

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    Welcome to BAR!
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  7. JVU


    Welcome back home and to our club! And congrats on graduating.

    I’m in Walnut Creek too, and there are also a few other very active members in this area. Hopefully I’ll meet you soon.

    The club is very generous with their time and their frags, becoming a supporting member will be the best $30 you ever spent in this hobby :)

    As mentioned we are having our yearly members-only frag swap on March 16, which would be a perfect way to meet people and gets tons of coral.
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  8. Schmuck-Reefer

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    Went to school at De La Salle and Northgate. I saw your post on the Buy/Sell thread, and I would pretty much be interested in purchasing a frag of every type of Monti you have in stock. haha. Definitely planning on becoming a supporting member in the next couple of days and will most likely be at the frag swap next month.
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  9. Schmuck-Reefer

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    Good to see people nearby! Unless something comes up I will most likely be at the members drag swap next month.
  10. Schmuck-Reefer

    Schmuck-Reefer Supporting Member

    Yep! Haha For the past 4 years my average cost per KWH has been 4-5 cents. Bay Area electricity is going to hurt, hopefully, I find a job soon! XD
  11. Coral reefer

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    I make it out your way every week or two, but it’s better for you to see what I have and pick out your frags yourself. Lemme know if you head out to sf any time. Where did you get the overflow box for that drag tank? Or did you build it? Looks good!
  12. JVU


    When posting from Bay Area, autocorrect always assumes you meant drag :)
  13. Schmuck-Reefer

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    Sounds good, I'd be happy to drive over on an upcoming Saturday or Sunday. Will need to figure when I have some time available will PM you when I know for sure. Built the overflow by having the pieces cut at tap plastics then using a drill and a Dremel for the comb.
  14. cdhappy

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    Welcome back. I went to OSU then spent a 10 years in Portland before returning to San Jose a few years ago. I’m very fond of the Northwest.

    Becoming supporting member is worth the $30 ten-fold. Very generous club/members with, well, just about anything. Seriously so much more than just a hookup for cheap frags. Like very few clubs and forums I’ve ever experienced.

    Welcome back!

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