Original Mummy Eye Chalice

Discussion in 'DBTC - LPS' started by bee505, Jan 6, 2017.

Original Mummy Eye Chalice
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    • bee505
      • Edgar Sandoval
        Edgar Sandoval
      • nbaiju
      • RandyC
      • musclebenz
      • Corallus
      • tankguy
    1. bee505

      bee505 Guest

      I can make a few frags of this. Frags will be fresh cut.

      1. must be a supporting member
      2. first 2 frags from your colony must go to a supporting member from the club
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    2. Edgar Sandoval

      Edgar Sandoval Supporting Member

      I am interested. How much for the drag?

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    3. bee505

      bee505 Guest

      This is part of the DBTC. You can review the rules in the DBTC info section. PM me for pick up.
    4. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      I would be interested.
    5. Baykes

      Baykes Webmaster

      Interested as well, pmed :)
    6. bee505

      bee505 Guest

      PM me for pick up.
    7. roostertech

      roostertech reef noob

      nub here, how do you frag stuff that sprawl all around like that.
    8. scuzy

      scuzy Supporting Member

      Think you just cut into it making sure you have and eye in the frag?

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    9. roostertech

      roostertech reef noob

      So you peel the whole thing out first? Or take a chisel to it?
    10. bee505

      bee505 Guest

      Lucky enough, the chalice is spilling into the sand area versus the rock. I can break it like a cookie, I hope.
    11. nbaiju

      nbaiju Guest

      I would be interested in a frag.
    12. MolaMola

      MolaMola Supporting Member

      I would be interested. Did not know it could grow onto sand like that! BTW where are you located?
    13. roostertech

      roostertech reef noob

      Last time at the frag workshop @Coral reefer fragged a chalice from @Geneva? But it was removable from tank to cut with bandsaw.
    14. bee505

      bee505 Guest

      I am located in SSF.
    15. gabloo

      gabloo Supporting Member

      Interested too :oops:
    16. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      I can bring the club saw by to frag it...
    17. Newjack

      Newjack Supporting Member

      I'm in, where does the line end?
      I'd love to try a frag
    18. tankguy

      tankguy BOD

      also would love to add my name to the list. Been wanting this for awhile
    19. Kensington Reefer

      Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

      Hey B
      How old is that coral. Or how long did it take you to grow it that large?
      Well done, my compliments
    20. Edgar Sandoval

      Edgar Sandoval Supporting Member

      Guys I'm going to SSF to pick up a frag. If any of you guys would like me to bring you a frag I can meet you guys in Hayward later today

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