Over-designed salt water exchange system

Discussion in 'DIY' started by rygh, Mar 13, 2014.

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    @rygh I missed your post about the trouble you were having. I'm glad you managed to make some progress since then, though.

    If the wifi side of it ends up being too problematic you could always just remove the photon and use a Modulo controller. For my aquarium controller, the only issue I've encountered appears to be related to i2c bus errors causing the display modulo to lock up the bus. I think the errors happen because I have the i2c bus connected through a fairly long cable to the reef angel relay box. The display ought to handle those errors gracefully but there must be a bug in its firmware that I haven't found.
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    I put the critical code on a separate timer thread. Photon does run a real RTOS. Seems to work ok.
    But I am still not sure I trust it.

    The problem with the normal "controller" is that it has no network ability at all.
    Network is important to me for notifications and real time clock.
    And the little W5500 ethernet boards are SPI based, not I2C based, so not trivial to connect to Modulo.

    My I2C has been very reliable.
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    I should never write "seems to work ok"

    I went to see if daylight savings time had worked properly, and that stupid Photon
    was completely locked up. Had to power cycle.
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