Par meter in use? And question about lighting.

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Bruce Spiegelman, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Just installed a new fixture over my frag tank and would love to borrow the PAR meter so I can figure out what height to adjust it too. Also love to take opinions on this in the meantime.

    Its a 25 gallon frag tank. 16" deep. The fixture is a 4 bulb ATI T5's with two Reef Brite XHO LEDS on either dise. How high should I adjust it over the top of the water for now so I don't shock the corals. It's replacing a 2 bulb T5 reef bright hybrid with a single XHO. The Reef Brite fixture was 8" off the water.
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  3. Thanks!
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    I have the par meter now. Here's a line to use next though. Signup at the par meter borrowing thread.

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  5. Thanks -- forgot it had a seperate thread.
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    that's a lot of light for a 25 gal. tank
  7. Yeah --- I went back and forth on whether to pick it up, but the price was right. And it looks pretty bad-ass.......
  8. Just an update. I spoke to ATI directly about the light and since it's primarily going to be over SPS they thought it was a good fit. They did day to start it at 18-22" off the water line though! Then bring it down about an inch a week till I find the right spot.
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    If you double the distance you get 1/4 the light. You doubled the light, so I say 1.5 x the distance should be pretty close to what you had
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  10. That's good knowledge! Thanks.
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    Note that you can also just run with 3 bulbs for a while until corals get used to it.

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