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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by patrickb, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Yeah, totally agree. Of course, I don't bother with adjusting my images because I suck at it and tend to avoid post-processing as much as possible.
  2. patrickb

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    A great, and I mean truly GREAT deal if you guys want one of the Rainbow anemones I just got:
  3. patrickb

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    Haven't posted in a while but I thought I would toot my horn a little bit. Wrote a nice little story about my tank in this quarter's Reef Hobbyist Magazine. It's about aquaculture and reef keeping (they edited the crap out of my original article by taking out all the resources and places people could go to get aquacultured stuff but it's still an OK read). Some nice pics of my display tank too.
  4. gimmito

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    Congrats on the plublished article Patrick. :party:

    Can you provide the unedited version for us to read ? :)
  5. saltwatersig

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    Very cool Patrick
  6. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Consider your horn tooted. Nice read
  7. JAR

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    Well done!

    I can see it now... Coming soon...gimmito's 450 tank thread reprint. One mans epic journey through reefing of biblical proportions...
  8. +1 on both points!

    Alternately are you at liberty to at least post up the omitted resources/links?
  9. gimmito

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    Can you write the foreword ? ;)
  10. BAYMAC

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    FWIW most magazines don't allow unedited versions to be released, I'd ask Jim first.
    Given the model RHM follows, the removal of the links makes total sense.... it sucks as I for one would love to see your link collection on this.

    In your article you stated you obtained tank bred anemones? Where'd you find sexually reproduced anemones?
  11. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Guest

    Curious what the sand ended up costing you... I'm really tempted to go with a shallow sand bed on the next one (if anything to stop those weedy zoas/palythoas from growing all over the bottom!) although I still need to test to see if it'll be feasible with the flow in the tank.
  12. gimmito

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    You might want to attend November's meeting. Our guest speaker Shu Tiny has been pairing up and sexually repreducing various anemones species for years.
  13. BAYMAC

    BAYMAC Guest

    :lol: You mean Shu Tin Stirlen of Monterey, or is this Shu Tiny some one new?

    Yah, I know who she is... I've been in the game a long time.

    I've only heard her talk about asexual reproduction over the years, but I haven't heard much from her in the last few years.
  14. patrickb

    patrickb Supporting Member

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm gonna check with Jim before posting here. Mostly, Jim (or whoever edited the thing) took out all the product names and breeders (stuff like ORA, MOFIB, Marine Breeders Initiative, Sustainable Aquatics etc.) Maybe he was worried about upsetting advertizers or sponsors of the magazine.

    BAYMAC--the anemones I got were all asexually clones of other people's anemones. I've had one or two anemones go crazy and release sperm and eggs (at different times) but nothing ever came of that.

    Gimmit0--I cannot wait to meet Shutin. I've heard so much about her ridiculously huge tank and her successes with Ritteri Anemones. Also, the elegance coral that I mentioned in my article that's been propagated in the hobby for over 25 originally came from Shutin (this one:

    sfsuphysics. I'm so torn about the sandbed thing. I'm not sure which I'd go with. I think there are so many benefits of the deep sand bed but then I always worry about buildup of nutrients that leads to high nitrates and phosphates after 3 or 4 years. I ended going with a shallow sand bed and then using a "deep sand bed in bucket" method that Anthony Calfo talks about. I recently got rid of that though and am currently using biopellets and have so far had really really good results (the one draw back being that I have a small problem with cynobacteria--still working on getting that taken care of).
  15. gimmito

    gimmito Guest

    Gresham-Yup same gal...she knows her anemones.

    Patrick-Her anemone tanks were impressive indeed. I think you will enjoy talking to her.
  16. Very nice anemones. My eyes are burning from reading each and every pages off my cell phone.
  17. patrickb

    patrickb Supporting Member

  18. JAR

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    We can't wait to see!!!! :)
  19. SoulFish

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    Great thread.. question where can you buy a candy corn anemone, or any of these rare variations?
  20. goldielocke76

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    Me as well please :) I'm in need of 2 for my 210 for my clowns ^.^

    Beautiful nems! Interesting process you have/go thru. Never knew you could cut nems and have them live, LoL

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