Patrick's (FinalPhaze987) 200 Gallon

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  1. Heres a few shots of the humble beginnings of our tank...We started off with a 135 in-wall but ran into some problems with a leak after an earthquake hit us. We ran all LPS & softies before, but now that we got the water quality in check and stable were moving on to the SPS. Please excuse the mess, its all still under construction. Pictures are kinda crappy, but you get the idea. I'll post more pics as its completed.


    Left side


    Center / Right

    Right side


    Specs so far are:

    three 250w 14k SPS MH on PFO ballast
    two 24w 10k T5's for the fuge

    Custom "L" shaped sump
    Fuge w/ chaeto
    EuroReef Skimmer
    Phosphate reactor
    Midwest Denitrator

    Dart return pump
    two Seio 1100's
    two Koralia 4's

    Did i miss anything?
  2. LeviT

    LeviT Guest

    Nice tank Patrick!
  3. Thanks Levi! I was thinking of switching over to three 10k's w/ T5 actinics but im kinda worried it might be to yellow...then again the PAR sucks on the bulbs we have right now..Any of you guys have suggestions?
  4. FunGuy

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    Cool. You got a very mixed tank!
  5. were trying to lean more toward the sps now. most of the lps and softies were from the old setup. our nitrates would hover around 10ppm and occasionally at 5ppm and we were never able to drop it to <5 until now. A bunch of those frags in there were the ones you passed over to me! =D Thanks again Herman..
  6. drdoolittle

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    Tank lookin nice Patrick..
  7. nice looking tank patrick! are you planning to rearrrange your rockwork for the sps?
  8. musclebenz

    musclebenz Guest


    That is one nice tank. It looks so natural the way everything is put together.
  9. Thanks for the kind words....alot of the stuff, rock work and all is getting moved around..i have a few corals im going to be giving out soon to make room...were trying to have it more SPS dominated instead of mixed...The torch cant really have anything near it so that anlong with the anemone have this death ring where we cant place anything..ill post some updated pics soon...were planning on stocking up heavy on more pieces..just waiting for my paycheck and approval from my "CFO/CPA" (girlfriend)...Im still trying to figure out a way to convince her that we should buy a bubble master skimmer.. =D
  10. I havnt updated this in a while, but just thought id post some new pics....we just finished off the stand, cleaning most of the exterior up...i know, i know, theres doors everywhere, but i wanted access to everything just incase..The screen and keyboard on the right side are there for the aqua controller...were setting up a pc down below to run the thing..


    I think this sucker's finally broken in! It was a tight fit, but we got it to work..Its pulling out some thick crud daily...This is one days worth of skimmate..
  11. Elite

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    Looks great!!
  12. musclebenz

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    Your tank setup is really looking good. I like the cabinet work and the hi-tech components on the side...


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