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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Mark B, May 27, 2017.

  1. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Supporting Member

    What I mean is if you want to put up with constantly replacing them.

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  2. JVU

    JVU Supporting Member

    You may not be able to expect quality, but you can expect headaches :)

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  3. Mark B

    Mark B Supporting Member

    After 6 gallons of Kalk @ 3/4tsp per gallon and 12ml of each 2-part we are now at:
    PH - 8.45
    Alk - 8
    Cal. - 440
    Hopefully the kalk will hold the parameters as I dont want to bring the PH any higher. Also adding 3ml of vinegar everyday to DT (to kill aiptasia one at a time).
    I went into the weekend thinking we would pare down our coral inventory and brought 2 chalices and an Idaho Grape Monti to the lunch and gave away a Mohawk Zoa colony and another chalice, and some purple cloves to a fellow BAR member in Redwood City. Then we ended up adding more corals including a huge Miyagi tort, a large Lobo with 4 heads, a large Miami Orchid acro, couple of birdsnests, mushrooms, a toadstool, a Meteor Shower that is as large as an apple and all new chaeto. I'm exhausted.
    Cheers! Mark & Peter
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  4. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    I've been telling myself each fish/coral I buy for years is "the last one"
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  5. Mark B

    Mark B Supporting Member

    The sand needs a little help so I picked up a pair of White Sleeper Gobys today. I was watching them at the lfs and they seemed to just lay on the sandbed grabbing mouthfuls of sand and releasing it right back on the sandbed. It will be a nightmare if they go up into the water column to release the sand - fingers crossed.
  6. Mark B

    Mark B Supporting Member

    Still trying to get the Kalk dialed in. Yesterday's parameters:
    KH - 8
    Cal. - 440
    PH: Low - 8.35
    High - 8.55
    When the PH hit 8.55, I immediately dosed 30ml of vinegar and the ph came down to 8.44
    I added 75ml of vinegar (15ml per gallon) to the Kalk bucket this afternoon. Well after an afternoon of reading up on Kalk and vinegar I found out I did it all wrong. I guess you are supposed to mix the Kalk and vinegar together, stir well, then add the mix to R/O and stir again. So I dumped out the Kalkwasser and made a new batch. I left the Kalk ratio at 3/4tsp per gallon and upped the vinegar to 45ml per gallon. I will give it a day or 3 and see how it levels out.
    Morning update:
    As of this morning the low PH is now 8.25 (this is the first day that the low has not been higher than the previous days low) Looks like we are heading in the right direction.

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