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    Hey there everyone. I figured I'll finally post up pics of my tank since I've gotten it the way I want it (I think) and took care of some algae (manual removal). It's also what I decided will be the last tank I buy until I move into a house (living in apts and moving it every year or so get's old fast).

    Specs are:
    24"x20"x18" 37g custom acrylic by World Marine Systems
    175w 14k SE Metal Halide in a standard reflector. Forgot the ballast and bulb brand.
    150W Ti heater
    ~1/3g "surge" device that will hopefully turn into an algae turf scrubber. Runs off a Minijet 404
    2xMJ 600 on a Chauvet timer ~12 hrs (2 pumps, alternating, for 12 hours of the day)
    1x MJ 400 modded ~12hrs a day
    Small 1.5w (40gph?) pump
    ATO with a little prebuilt thingy w/ float switch and aqualifter. Currently straight into tank, eventually into a kalk mixer then tank.

    Canopy was a DIY w/ oak. The front of it is completely removable to allow limited access. Otherwise I can also lift the top on its hinge to lift the light out of the way. The top of the canopy isn't fully enclosed to help w/ any heat from the halide since it's pretty close to the water. Eventually the entire top and back of the canopy will be screened off w/ some sort of mesh to prevent jumpers from making it out.

    Livestock includes:
    2x Cleaner Shrimp
    1x Fairy wrasse
    2x A. Ocellaris
    2x Pearly Jawfish
    1x Diamond goby
    1x Eibli Angel
    1x Bicolor Blenny

    eventually adding maybe 1-2x firefish, or some other small fish (Hector's goby, neon goby, etc) as well as ~3x sexy shrimp.

    asst zoas
    3-head green/pink frogspawn
    Octobubble sp.
    1 green brain (anyone know the real name for this? ie lobo, wellso, etc etc)
    ~5head orange crush acan
    misc purple mushrooms
    green/brwn paly's that have been with me since my first tank (1/05)

    Let me know what you guys think of it. I know it's overstocked by most standards, esp considering I don't run a PS. Please trust me that I know and understand the benefits of using one and have made a conscious decision not to. Most of my tanks in the past didn't run a skimmer. Water changes should end up being once a week/every other week of either 3g or 5g. (Just got my brute trashcan setup and everything so I'll have premade water for 2 or 3 months at a time). Carbon is being run passively right now, but eventually will be worked into some sort of reactor or somesuch device.

    Full folder of pics located here:
  2. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    Shot of the tank from the front
    Top of the canopy
    Front of canopy removed
    Top of canopy lifted slightly
    bad view of overflow box in tank and float switch. Box held on to tank using magnets (therefore movable if needed)
    Shot of the inside-back of my tank frm the right showing the 3 MJ's, magfloat and super small pump.
    Front view of the aquascape.
  3. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    One of the jawfish
    Diamond goby shoveling the sand
    Eibli Angel from Max
    Misc shot of my orange zoas. Slightly corrected color, but not overly so.
    Acan, brain, and 1 misc mushroom
  4. Elite

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    Looking good man.. Is the water cloudy or it's just the pictures?
  5. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Not too shabby, I don't know if I'd put that Eibli in a tank that small myself though.

    Looks like you got a modded maxijet? Why not mod them all and really up the flow?
  6. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    Water's cloudy Phong. I just rearranged the tank last night right before the pictures. The way I had the rocks before limited the flow a lot and just didn't look right.

    Mike- I was hesitant about the Eibli as well. Right now it seems happy enough, seeing as every other fish pretty much runs away from it. I'll be monitoring it, and will consider taking it out. Especially since it seems to have developed a taste for my brain. As for the mj mods, I had trouble with my last aquascape keeping sand in one of the front corners. We'll see how it goes with this rock formation, and then I might consider dropping the 2 600's in favor of one more modded 400 running for 12 hours in the opposite direction of the first.


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