Pintail wrasse special

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  1. I'm doing male Pintail wrasses for $90 tomorrow if you pick it up directly out of the box. You must reserve them tonight/tomorrow and pick up tomorrow by 6pm - earlier the better. These are coming from Sea Dwelling Creatures so should be nice healthy specimens.
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  2. I picked up my Pintail from Sea Dwelling a couple of months ago and it is one of the prettiest and healthiest I've seen -- and that's an awesome price. I normally don't see them for less than $180ish.
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    Not even a supporting member...
    And advertising?!
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    I think he’s a sponsor now.
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    If so
    I retract...
  6. And a good active one.
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    Very glad to hear
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    I wish I had a screen on my tank already!
  9. I have a bunch of extra BRS mesh. You can get the screen kit at home depot.
  10. They're here. Had one person already pick one up. 3 Left. Please let me know in the next hour if you are interested.
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    The Male Pintail colors are amazing

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