Please Help Us Track Down These THIEVES

Discussion in 'Neptune Aquatics' started by robert4025, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. GreshamH

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    Just a bunch of wankers showing their wanking skills :lol: Not much and def. not worth a sad face :)
  2. screebo

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    I think they should be put to work hand feeding in the sea wasp tank.
  3. Radiolunatic

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    second that :)
  4. damn, WTF is wrong w/ ppl. seriously, stealing corals? i could understand if they are stealing for survival like food but cmon, corals????????????

    check this thread out on NR. theres a email to these suckas. someone should email to meet up. give em a beat down w/ our seaclone skimmers.
  5. i don't even have ppl pick up anymore. last time i did, my soap went missing!
  6. kinetic

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    It's always a risk with strangers coming over. I've been pretty fortunate I guess of meeting outstanding people in my coral / equipment deals. The mentality is still very positive I feel, these horrible occurrences seem more rare than the norm, which is good. As long as our communities stay strong I think we have less to worry about.

    BTW Sam: about the soap, maybe their hands were REALLLLLLY dirty =)
  7. Radiolunatic

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    Can you tell that I was nervous when you and your gf came by to see my tank ... :)
    Just kidding my friend !!!
  8. kinetic

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    hah! no wonder i couldn't find any soap ;)
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    Robert, you have PM
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