Please Rescue My Fish - Once Rescued .... stuff available for "PIF"

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    Hello all - this is probably a bit of a weird introduction post.

    I've been struggling for a couple years to get a tank going and was always just on the cusp of keeping things nice looking. Life changes, starting a business, etc and now my tank is a daily reminder that I am not taking care of my fish (It is probably about as bad as your worst predictions of what an unmanaged tank can fall too). I have 1x Blue Tang, 2x Clown Fish, and 1x Fireshrimp? which have lived their entire lives in a sub par tank and the Blue Tang is most definitely of a size now where needs more room and I feel terrible for not providing it.

    My PLEA to this community (hopefully a few are actually local to the area and might point me in the right direction) is to please rescue my fish if its possible. Anyone can have them for FREE - heck I might even throw in some equipment that I wont be needing.

    My requests/demands are:
    1) MUST* have adequate placement for them at time of pickup
    2) MUST* know what you are doing - (ie. relocating fish from a sub-par environment. My assumption here is that if someone just plopped my guys into a tank of pristine water, they would die in heaven...but die none the less.

    3) Less feasible...but a hope would be that one person could take everything at one time. My assumptions is that I'll need to provide a substantial amount of water to take with the fish to their new place. This would leave my tank in an inoperable state (aka...all fish must go!).

    All in all - if any one from this community is interested, please do contact me via email (i'll provide a phone number after initial contact). My email address is Tyler[@]AFK.GG (without the "[ ]") or have an open discussion here.

    Further Information: I am located in San Jose, CA. I'm very busy but if your a trustworthy candidate - I'm very motivated to get these fish rescued. I will absolutely need your assistance/expertise in how to get the fish out with minimal stress.

    Cheers & Thanks,
    PS. Keep doing what you fellas are doing because now I'm living vicariously through your tanks now :(

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