Please Vote for the 2018 Slate of Officer

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  1. The slate of officers for 2018 is as follows:

    President-John Flagg-@Flagg37
    Vice President-Will Lachnit -@WLachnit
    Secretary-Dave Corkrum@2manyhobbies
    Treasurer-Mike Ray-@mray2660
    Meetings Sub-Committee members:
    Facilities/Event Coordinator Steve Patchin-@patchin
    Visiting Speaker Accommodations Edgar Sandoval
    Sponsorship Committee Chair Rolf -@Corralus
    Frag Swap Coordinator Vacant
    Web Masters:
    Denzil Villarico-@denzil
    Tyler Gunn-@Tgunn

    Please respond to this thread with your vote; either Yes or No. This thread and the poll will close on
    December 1, 2017.

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    Looks good


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  8. JVU


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  10. I can't vote till the candidates give a campaign speech or post on how they will Make Us Great Again #Muga
    What's their platform?
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    Thats why we don't let you sit in the front of the class
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    I thought the folks that need special attention were supposed to sit in front?
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    He does. Just trying not to upset the little fella
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    Four score and seven years ago...
  19. We don't need a president that plagiarizes! We already have a president's wife that does that.

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