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  1. Flagg37

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    So I have some kind of tiny organisms that are growing in my tank but I'm unsure what they are. They are too small to take pictures of but the appear on my tank glass and are white in color. At first I mistook them for micro bubbles from my skimmer but noticed that they react to each other. They are rather oval in shape with possibly a pointy posterior. Let me know if there are other distinguishing features that I should look for to aid in identifying what species they are.
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    Since your tank is somewhat new, you might be seeing a pod bloom, typical of newer tanks.

    Here are 3 common pods in a reef tank.

    Remember these are magnified pictures

    -Will be on the glass too

    Isopod (smaller than amphipods but bigger than the pods above.)
    -Will be on the glass too.

    Amphipods in my aquariums.jpg
    Amphipods (The largest of the 3. A detrivore and pod eater)
    -Usually not on the glass.
    -Swims very fast.
    -Commonly accused of eating zoa skirts.
    -Wrasses love chasing these guys down.
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    Definitely the first one. I've noticed their populations fluctuate. Do they usually just show up? I was thinking about buying some to seed the tank with but I guess I don't have to now.
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    You will get copepods, those isopods, and amphipods no matter what you do.

    I killed my rock with bleach and dipped all corals to kill pest species before adding them to my tank and to this day I still have all 3.

    They are beneficial to have. Ive seen my clownfish eat isopods off the glass.

    Their populations will fluctuate based on food availability, which is something you control based on how much/what kind of food you add.

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