Possible frag swap with LMAS (Louisville KY) ?

Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by badpacket, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. badpacket

    badpacket Guest

    Hi All,

    I am expecting to be in Louisville end of the month, and just saw a general post relating to Louisville reefers. I've emailed their club President and offered to bring out some frags, if we happen to have anything they do not. Just seemed like a unique opportunity to mix and match and perhaps spread/increase diversity.
    You'd think with all the people on RC, there'd be some sort of Sister Citys-esque Reefers thing.
    If anyone would like to donate something, please let me know and I'll pass on their reply.

    Who knows, maybe they have tons of PPE's, but no Xenia? I'm thinking its almost foolproof, remove from tank, drive to airport, 1.5 hour wait at security, 5 hour flight to Kentucky, another hour in airport, and maybe a local pickup of 'product'
  2. Thales

    Thales Past President

    Sounds like a great idea! How many frags do you think you would be bringing or taking? Could you ask them what they are looking for?

    This is so cool! :D
  3. badpacket

    badpacket Guest

    Thats a real good question. If I put it in checked cargo, would they get too cold? Maybe Jim would know about heat packs. I'd prefer to hand-carry, but I'm also going to need to hand carry my laptop. Hmm, maybe a small carry-on suitcase fitted out as mobile aquarium? Use Chaeto for a little packing?

    Then again, depending upon their reply it might be quality over quantity?

    Plus, I'm also probably going to go back to Buffalo for Christmas, and the Upstate Reefing Society there has more activity than the RC BAR too.

    Worth the effort, and helps the club a little. If you check LMAS forum, looks like there is a Mid-Western Frag swap that has several clubs like Cincinatti, Indiana and Kentucky participating together. We're not as close to another club as these folks, but we might want to consider forming similar relationships.
    Just seems like something cool that I haven't heard of anyone else doing.
  4. racrumrine

    racrumrine Guest

    You might want to focus more on zoos as you can cram a lot into a few thermoses and toss them into your checked bags.

    Best of luck,

  5. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    I can get you heat packs, and a REALLY nice box, if this what you want to do. Our shipping boxes are good enought to keep product frozen for a 5 day transit to the remotest spot in Africa :D

    Zoas? How boring :D SPS are just as easy, and if packed right, nearly the same amount of space IMO.
  6. teachermark

    teachermark Guest

    I'd like to get some nice Yumas in if they have them. I have some of the more common types of zoas I can frag for you if you need them to trade.
  7. jimsar

    jimsar Guest

    What a great way for your company to donate boxes emblazoned with your company's logo ... and maybe an extra box filled with Reed samplers for the KY reefers. Hmmm, KY? "The slippery state"? :wink:

  8. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    KY Reefers, sorry, I had to chuckle at that one (NO disrespect to them, it just brought out the junior high in me ;) )

    Our boxes are simply marked, "Perishable". I could slap our sticker on them though :D The styro on one of them is like 2" thick. Another one we use is a medical box for shipping body parts. Both are over kill, isn't that grand :D
  9. jimsar

    jimsar Guest

    Junior high for you, middle age for me. With reference to assuming the position for a prostate exam. :oops:
  10. badpacket

    badpacket Guest

    Heh, I'm sure everyone in Kentucky has learned to live with the jokes when meeting with folks out of state.

    And, have not heard back from the head of LMAS yet, so I think I'll put a post in their forum. He might be out of town, or just as likely the rest of the country isn't online nearly as frequently as many of us in the Bay Area?
  11. jimsar

    jimsar Guest

    Fred, this is a great 1st move. I'm also thinking we can hook up with Las Vegas Valley Reefers. One of the movers of that club is Jeff (Opihi), former active member of BARE who moved to LV. Check out their forum - they're a pretty active club.
  12. badpacket

    badpacket Guest

    Hmm, still no reply from their President, and one moderately interested reply on their RC forum. Will see what they want, and maybe bring a few frags out though I am now looking at having to corral a number of pieces of equipment with me. Maybe the LV group will be more interested.
  13. badpacket

    badpacket Guest

    Weird. I am logged in, and go to post reply, and it takes me back to the main forum. I come back, post reply again, and it takes me to the thread/reply page.

    Anyways, no response from LMAS President, nor PM from one interested person. We may want to consider LVVR or another group depending upon who's interested.

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