Post pictures of your Corals EATING!

Discussion in 'Coral' started by Enderturtle, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Any of you guys spot feed your corals? Post a picture :) This is really useful for people interested in learning which corals accept which foods.

    Feeding Reef Roids
    YR Peachy Blue Zoas eating Reef Roids

    Pink Yuma Babies Eating Reef Roids

    Green Bounce Eating Reef Roids

    Snowflake Rhodactis Mushroom Eating Reef Roids (see the stringy powdery stuff?)

    Orange Rainbow Zoas eating Reef Roids

    Me Feeding Coral Frenzy Pellets 0.5mm

    Green Bounce Rhodactis Mushroom eating Coral Frenzy Pellets


    Jawbreaker Discosoma Mushroom eating Coral Frenzy Pellets (kind of, its a slow eater)
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  2. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer


    Jawbreaker discosoma eating coral frenzy pellets for real!

    wwc bounce eating reef roids

    Jack-o-lantern leptoseris eating coral reef frenzy pellets.

    Tyree orange rainbow eating coral frenzy pellets

    Snowflake rhodactis mushroom reaching for coral frenzy pellet.

    Ricordea florida mouth reaching for coral frenzy pellet.
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  3. Wahdi

    Wahdi Guest

    Nice corals

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  4. humu

    humu Guest

    Nice pics. What do you use to target feed? I've used a disposable transfer pipette in the past but a bit of a pain to use..
  5. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Depends on the food.

    Reef roids is a powder. I mix it with a little saltwater before sucking it up with a large syringe (10mL or bigger) then i spotfeed by slowly squirting the paste food onto the corals.

    For coral frenzy pellets I use a syringe or small turkey baster.

    Gotta turn off the flow.
  6. nly04

    nly04 Guest

    I hope Enderturtle dont mind me to add couple pictures of coral eating.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  7. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    What you feeding nhan?
  8. nly04

    nly04 Guest

    Market shrimp.
  9. nly04

    nly04 Guest

    Just snap this picture last night when my fire shrimp take dinner. Lol image.jpeg
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  10. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Feeding Reef Roids
    Tangerine Dreams Chalice Frag eating Reef Roids

    IMG_1242.jpg IMG_1267.jpg
    Pink Boobies Chalice eating Reef Roids

    White/Green Clove Polyps eating Reef Roids

    Gold Torch Baby Eating Reef Roids
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  11. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Feeding Reef Roids

    IMG_1244.jpg IMG_1269.jpg

    WWC Bounce eating Reef Roids (Notice the mouth slurping it in)

    IMG_1250.jpg IMG_1254.jpg
    Unnamed Mushroom Eating Reef Roids.
    -The blue dots on this guy is super cool. It's like the blue on a maxima clam. Super bright blue from top but drab blue from the side.

    IMG_1258.jpg IMG_1265.jpg
    LC Uranium Bounce eating Reef Roids.

    -I have a video of this guy eating. Its pretty cool. There's like an invisible sack that encases the food and drags it into the mouth, pretty fast too.
    -He can eat whole mysis no problem.
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  12. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    Very cool photos! I LOVE target feeding everything in my tank. Inverts always are so hungry and all eat from a baster. Now I can't wait to feed corals. Those are all awesome photos of even little frags eating! Great thread. Reef club kids will check it out tomorrow if school internet filter allows. They will certainly enjoy Boobies and Roids in the same caption.
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  13. Baykes

    Baykes Webmaster

    Very nice pictures, were these all done with extension tubes @Enderturtle ? Also quick question, can you feed your corals too much or too often? Can your coral die from eating too much? Is this different for different types of corals?
  14. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Ive heard from other hobbyists that you can feed too much.

    I dont really know the answer but I feed my corals about 2-3 times a week.

    Ive also heard from people that uneaten food can damage a coral if you let it sit on the coral too long
  15. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    Nice shots everyone! I'll have to give this a try when I target feed next.

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  16. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    I tried target feeding with reef roids and it didn't seem to work. I would mix the powder with some of the tank water to make a paste. Then I tried to suck it up with a pipette, and a 5ml syringe but they would only suck up the liquid out of the paste. I ended up just dumping it in the water over the coral. Any tips?
  17. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    I'd just add more water. I usually add a small amount of food and dilute in lots of water. I gently blow over the corals with a Kent Marine Sea Squirt (basically a loooong baster)...

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  18. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    Ok, it looked to me like the drops were more concentrated in the pictures.
  19. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    For reef roids, i mix it with a small amount of water maybe 15 ml? Then I use the 5mL syringe you get from a test kit to suck up the concentrated paste at the bottom of the cup.

    The paste is what I feed the corals with. The remaining liquid I dont really use at all.
  20. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    I'll give it a shot.

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