[POSTPONED] Summer Party- Reef Nutrition, Fish food making, BBQ

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By JVU on Jun 5, 2019 at 4:41 PM
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    See posts at end.


    Our BAR Summer party will be Saturday, July 13 in Walnut Creek. This year we are have 3 feature attractions- A talk by and discussion with Chad Clayton from Reef Nutrition, a hands-on fish food making opportunity, and a Summer BBQ social!

    The planned timeline is:
    - 11a-12p: Presentation by and discussion with Chad
    - 12p-2p or so: BBQ/lunch
    - 1p-3p or so: Fish food making hands-on

    I will host the event at my house in Walnut Creek. We have a backyard, pool, hot tub, basketball court, bag toss, etc to entertain kids and anyone else who isn’t as interested in the talk or the fish food making. Families very welcome.

    @rygh and @glee will lead the fish food making part, and will post separately here about it. BAR will cover the raw materials for the fish food, but we will likely need some people to bring prep equipment such as cutting boards, blenders, etc.

    BAR will cover the main BBQ food, but we’d also like to have a potluck for appetizers, drinks, sides, and desserts; you can post what you’ll bring below. Please also fill out the poll and/or post that you are coming so we have an approximate head count.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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  2. Plus one adult

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  4. No, I can’t make it

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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by JVU, Jun 5, 2019.

    1. ashburn2k
      Make this front page?

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    2. glee
      After Steinhart event
    3. Flagg37
      Man, I leave the state and you guys have a party.
    4. JVU
      Come back for it!
    5. jamie
      i would like to go but i am riding my bike, since i have to leave from there to work, i dont want to take the risk of being stuck in traffic headed back to SF. is there someone i can venmo?
    6. sfsuphysics
      Sounds like fun, need to wait as we get closer to the date for any commitment though. I do love Walnut Creek though... well accept the drive, my wife used to do a farmer's market over there on Saturdays pre-kid.
    7. JVU
      Chad suggested the following for what he could talk about:

      "I can do a talk about why RMI, and many others in this industry, grow zooplankton and phytoplankton and how they are applied in the hobby and in aquaculture."

      Sounds good to me. He also mentioned if there are other suggestions for a topic or focus he’s open to them.
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    8. Wlachnit
      I think the topics are great!

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    9. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Chad is the man! Wish I could make this.
      If I wind up not going to a bachelor party in Tahoe I will so attend this!
    10. JVU
      This event is coming up, just a reminder to let us know if you’re coming and if you’ll be bringing something to share.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone!
    11. euod
      Are you near Bart?
    12. JVU
      About 13 min inland from BART, near Northgate High School. Maybe we can arrange people to swing by and pick up folks from BART on the way over.
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    13. JVU
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    14. JVU
      This get together is one week away, so I’m giving it a bump
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    15. Apon
      Sorry going to miss this, have fun all.
    16. MolaMola
      +1 Oh yeah, we went out of town now and will be back for next weekend.
      Will bring a dish - not sure what yet - will update.
      Also happy to help pick up fish food ingredients if someone provides a list - 99 Ranch and Seafood City local.
      Can bring a folding table (6'?) if needed.
      Want me to bring nametags?
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    17. JVU
    18. JVU
      Thanks Maureen, that sounds great. A folding table would be good to have just in case, but I was thinking the food prep part will probably be inside in the kitchen, as long as we can get it set up before my wife finds out the plan :)

      Name tags would be great too
    19. glee
      Who is going? I plan to be there with guacamole and chips.
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