Powder Blue Tang has Ich!!

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by 177ike, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Nori isn't going to do it IMO. You need tasty bait. Be patient.
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    So I tried squirting some frozen mysis shrimp into the cylinder trap last night and the PBT definitely seemed more interested. At one point, he actually put the tip of his face into the trap and then quickly backed out. After that, my PBT would only come about 2 inches from the mouth of the trap and look up at the trap door very hesitantly. I left the trap in the tank overnight in hopes that he would become more comfortable with it.

    This morning I removed the trap and cleaned out all the old food I had left in it from overnight. I put the trap back in the tank and immediately squirted in some fresh mysis shrimp. To my surprise, immediately my PBT went partially into the trap and hungrily started eating the mysis and then backing out. At one point, his whole body went into the trap and I almost yanked the line at that point. I'm glad I waited, because a couple minutes later, he kept going deeper and deeper into the trap to get more mysis shrimp. This was my ONE shot to go for it and..... *SNAP!!*, I pulled the string and instantly had an acrylic cylinder full of floating mysis and a pissed off PBT!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! I got him!

    So my PBT now is in my 10 gallon hospital. Just so I understand correctly, what should I lower my salinity to and over how many days? I plan on siphoning out a small amount of saltwater from the hospital tank and just letting my ATO refill with fresh RO/DI until I reach the lower salinity level. After I reach the lower salinity level, how long should I keep my PBT in there?

    I also have not seen any other fish in my display with white spots since my PBT has shown signs of ich, so I'm assuming I can leave my PBT out of the display tank for 2 months. If the ich parasite does not appear on any other fish in the display during the two months, is it safe to assume the ich is no longer regenerating and the ich cycle is broken? I want to make sure that when I introduce the PBT back into the display, all ich will be gone. I don't want to have to go through the motions all over again if at all possible...

    Thanks for all the help everyone!!!

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