PSA: Haagen Daaz Ice Cream Sale

Discussion in 'Pay It Forward' started by DEATH BY SNU SNU, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

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  2. I ate 3 last night in front of my fish tank...why? because I can!
  3. dpc goes west

    dpc goes west Supporting Member

    damn this may be the push that makes me go renew my costco card lol
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  4. come over to my house, you can use my card... you look close enough like me, maybe handsomer ;)
  5. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Costco Executive card w/ Visa pretty much pays for itself for me.
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  6. dswong01

    dswong01 Supporting Member

    FYI Get a costco gift card and they will allow you to use it with a one day pass. A costco hidden secret.
  7. JVU

    JVU Supporting Member

    We went to Costco today but my wife vetoed the ice cream. Even though it feels like we bought everything else there :(

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  8. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    Go there during lunch time and eat the whole box yourself or stash it at your office.

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  9. you poor thing. my heart aches for you

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