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Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by NanoCrazed, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. NanoCrazed

    NanoCrazed Supporting Member

    Had a catastrophic fail of my DT with velvet / brook introduced via a handful of newly arrived mushroom rocks...

    Usually pretty careful about introducing things into the system but never think about rocks. Though I dipped for parasites, I didn't think about things like velvet or brook clinging to them.

    So, after dipping, I threw those new rocks into the sump of one of my DTs...and just lost a bunch of fish as a result. Unfortunately, use the dirty water from the tank to feed my shroom tank.. so 2 of my systems have now been banished to fallow land for next few months. Sigh...

    Since the incident, I now have a QT/fallow system set up for newly arrived rocks and the like.

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  2. JVU


    Huge bummer, sorry to hear about that
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  3. NanoCrazed

    NanoCrazed Supporting Member

    thanks... was extremely unexpected and a huge lesson learned. Never had rocks be the cause of a system wide infection... but makes sense if you think about it. :/

    I decided to forego copper and the like and using the Imaginatarium herbal formula... fish stopped dying so that's a positive sign... we'll see if that's enough to carry through the storm in full
  4. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster Staff Member

    did you get rocks from a member or a reseller?
  5. NanoCrazed

    NanoCrazed Supporting Member

    reseller \ LFS.

    Though I got chaeto once from a local reefer not on BAr, only to find out he was battling velvet previously... thankfully, turned out he ran his tank fallow long enough. Plus, I distributed that chaeto to 3 systems... none had issues until the mushroom rock incident. then 2 of those had issues... but because I inadvertently have a control, i was able to rule out the chaeto.

    I had new fish as well that I QT'd and distributed across 4 tanks... was worried that it might have come in with the fish.. but only the fish in the two affected systems were affected. So... only cause was the rocks.
  6. tankguy

    tankguy Supporting Member

    Sorry you have to go threw that
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  7. jorahx4

    jorahx4 Supporting Member

    What are symptoms to look out for? Don’t know about velvet.

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  8. NanoCrazed

    NanoCrazed Supporting Member

    Velvet it the worst. Fish die in matter of days.

    Easiest rule of thumb

    Fish looks like sprinkles with kosher salt. Ich
    Fish looms like it got a flour dredge. Velvet
    Fish looks coated with table salt. Brook

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  9. NanoCrazed

    NanoCrazed Supporting Member

    I tried this new herbal stuff as a hail Mary... surprisingly it works. No more fish deaths...and visual spots are gone after the prescribed treatment dosing over 6 days... dosing every other day.

    I even dosed my tanks since I couldn't get all the fish out. Also, no more physical signs of infections...

    Time will tell if it truly works but I am very encouraged. Either way, will use this stuff as part of my QT procedure from now on.

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  10. scuzy

    scuzy Supporting Member

    Sounds like snake oil to me. But I have heard peroxide might work with velvet sunset is a form of dino.

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  11. NanoCrazed

    NanoCrazed Supporting Member

    I thought it might be too... but tried it, it worked. Just finished my treatment and fish look pretty decent.

    I was losing 2 fish a day before the treatment started. But didn't lose a single fish yet since starting. They had velvet too...

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  12. fishy408

    fishy408 Supporting Member

    That's pretty scary stuff. I wouldn't think that you can get that from a LFS, considering it would hit their systems as well?

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  13. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    Pretty sure most stores have their live rock separate from their fish systems.
  14. NanoCrazed

    NanoCrazed Supporting Member

    Some keep fish with their frags and rock tanks... actually all except AC. Or it's plumbed together... hence some of the challenges

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