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Discussion in 'DBTC - SPS' started by Kmooresf, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    This is the most difficult acro to photograph that I have ever had. LOL! It looks different depending on the lighting. This was doing amazing, and then I caused it to almost die hitting it with aptasia x. I fragged it into pieces and now have 4 to give out. They are all growing onto the plug and starting to color up again. The new growth is a fantastic purple and the old growth gets a green hue under LED's. Polyps have been many colors ranging from yellow, green and purple??


    What the mother colony did look like. Sort of. LOL!


    Another of the mother colony, and as you can see it looks totally different. Same coral.


    Standard DBTC rules......would like to see them go to people who have had some success with SPS.
  2. zeroinverse

    zeroinverse Guest

    Kris, interested. Curious to see how it will color up in my tank.
  3. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    You got it Ron. If your gonna be in the area, let me know. If ya wanna PM we can figure out a swap. :)
  4. siokoy

    siokoy Supporting Member


    I am interested if there's one more available.


  5. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    No problem Junne!
  6. siokoy

    siokoy Supporting Member

  7. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Kris - is the one of the pieces I have? If so put me down just in case something happens to your.

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