Raffle Info For 2014 Frag Swap

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    I decided to start a separate thread just for the raffle. The raffle this year is probably more important to me than any other part of the event. This year, proceeds from our raffle will be donated along with proceeds of the day to Mr. Rutherford's 3Rd Class That means the more tickets you buy for a chance to win these amazing donations the more $$$ will go to the kids.

    You may prepay for raffle tickets via paypal or pay at event. The raffle tickets will cost:

    1 Ticket-- $1

    12 tickets $10

    25 tickets $20

    This year not only are we getting some amazing donations Diablo Corals will be making some cool donations as well. I know that at swap locally everyone seems to like the individual box for raffle prizes so we will do that at the swap this year as well. This will allow you to buy millions f tickets and stuff you favorite box....

    I am very excited to be apart of this years event and I am excited to see how excited everyone is about it. The companies we have talked to so far excited to be apart of the event. I want to make sure every company gets there proper time in the spotlight as well. I will be adding as we get more but Check out everyone that has donated/sponsored the event so far:

    Reef Nutrition

    AP Breed

    RODS Food

    Hikari USA

    Jestersix Rockwork

    Kessil Lighting

    Diablo Corals


    Coral Frenzy

    Thomas Vision Reef


    Reef Angel Aquarium Controller

    Bob Smith Industries (ic-gel glue)

    Kritter Tanks

    I take pride in being apart of growing the youth into understanding the hobby. They are our future and they can help us improve the hobby just like how we have come so far with FRAGGING to sustain the wild. I am pleased this event has grown leaps and bounds over the last 3 years and I am proud to be apart of a growing trend/event

    From the whole crew at the Diablo Corals

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah, the individual raffle boxes are awesome. It definitely promotes additional raffles sales! :D
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    awesome Jess

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