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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by sid700, Oct 21, 2009.

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    You can't make napalm out of that guy :lol:
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    My sister lives in a suburb of Seattle and she did not have power for more than a week in December 2006. A wind storm hit the Seattle area on Dec 14 and she went without power all the way to Christmas. That wasn't such a bad disaster (I don't remember any casualties), but about a million people lost power. About 10k people in the Seattle area still did not have power after a week.

    We are better prepared here in the Bay Area, but I don't think you need a catastrophic disaster to lose power for several days.
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    Thanks for for the detailed input Andy. Now I know what I want.
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    This is the one I'm planning to purchase and have installed. They're on sale now; seems like a great deal. I've been researching generators for about the past 5 years. Now, just waiting to speak to the fire department to see if they will let me run it on propane, otherwise I need to connect it to my natural gas line after pg&e comes out to connect a meter. Also need to check with the health department to see where I can place it on my property. It's only 71db at 23 feet at full throttle, but the health department has codes (too) that need adhering to.God luck.

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    We also had no natural gas for many days after Loma Prieta. We put gasoline preservative in our 9 year old Honda generator. It starts up easily every time and we can drain gas from our cars if we need to. It is tolerably quiet compared to many generators. My only complaint is that it only has two speeds. Full or almost full speed which is more than we need when running it overnight.

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