Recycled R/O water has anyone re run it again.

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by POOLSCAPES, Mar 16, 2015.

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    A 100' coil helped increase my temp to above 70 when I wrapped it around the hot water heater (below the insulation blanket). Guess where your theory hits the road, there is a anomaly :lol:
  2. sfsuphysics

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    My theory that ambient air temperature won't help much? Not sure how wrapping it around an object that radiates heat and is warm to the touch is the same as a coil in air.
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    Guess you totally passed over my post about doing that, prior to your post ;)
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    This post
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    Looking at the time on the post, probably did, I did try to find some numbers on the effect temperature on RO membrane production. While my post wasn't an essay the entire thing probably took a good 10-20 minutes before starting and hitting the post button.

    That said, yeah wrapping a coil around something that is warm could certainly help. My point was more along the lines of people thinking that leaving a coil in a warm room will do that much.
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    Hate when that happens. At times I wished forums were dynamic, as in even if I didn't refresh, if someone posted, my screen would show it. I work on multiple screens and I've gotten pretty damn good at noticing a change on the screens I am not currently working on. Peripheral vision at its finest.
  7. Coral reefer

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    Interested in trying the hit water heaters as it is placed perfectly in the path of my water. Any worries about the standard to tubing getting waned up in your opinions?

    For anyone interested this is my current setup:

    My system is pretty simple. Standard RODI,think its the typhoon 3 from air water and ice. From there I added a big 20" sediment filter on the way in, then the aquatec 8800 booster pump from brs, then the typhoon which has three pre filter stages. I use 1 micron sediment, .5 micron lead an chemical remover, can get you the exact part number if needed, and then the chlorplus 10 block that brs has. From there, it goes to the first of three membranes, reject water from that goes to the next membrane input, waste from that goes to a third membrane input. The product out of each goes to its own DI canister, so I use the one that it came w and 2 extra ones that are separately mounted to the wall. You could likely use one and combine the outputs into it, but would have to change it more often, and I like the idea of a little more contact time gained by the separation. Also, the waste from the last membrane goes through the flow restrictor/flush valve to the drain.


    Thanks everyone for your reply.
    Looks like I am going to buy 2 250 gallon totes so I can pump the water into irrigation system so I can water my plants. Plus add some more canisters to my Ro/di system.
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  9. Coral reefer

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    Where are you getting the totes from? I may want to get a couple myself...
  10. jonmos75

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    I just ordered two 55g from rural king they were the least expensive of all the companies that sold this model.....I chose this mostly due to the compact size, has gal markers and bulk head fittings at the bottom on the front & rear.

    One tank is going to be my New RO/DI water and the other is premixed saltwater matching the tank parameters
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  11. denzil

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    Hrm, didn't realize that running two membranes drastically reduces the waste water. I'll have to upgrade our system to include another membrane.

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