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Discussion in 'Pay It Forward' started by Vhuang168, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Got this from Roberto together with the 10g. Wanted to take the opportunity to check it out and see if I would like it.

    Its a good controller but I already have an Apex setup controlling 2 tanks.

    So I'd like to pass this on. I did have to purchase a TTL/USB cable so I would be asking to be reimbursed for it. Cost was about $30.

    Includes the controller (don't know if this is a plus unit and don't know if this is PWM or Analog dimming), relay box, float switch and PH probe.
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  2. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    I'm so close to buying a controller and would love to give this a try.

    I'll be happy to pass it on if my needs are more than what this controller can do.
  3. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Sure! Let me know when you want to pick it up. I'm in Almaden but maybe in Sunnyvale tomorrow.

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  4. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    I'm next to Sunnyvale. PMing...
  5. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    I picked this up from @Vhuang168 today, tried it out and I decided to go the Apex/RK route since the RA requires some programming knowledge.

    So, the Reef Angel is back AVAILABLE for any supporting BAR member.

    Here's what it comes with:
    • Head unit/display
    • 8 socket break-out box
    • 2 temp probes
    • 1 pH probe (still with Vincent, wet and functional)
    • 1 data cable (connecting head unit and break-out box)
    • 1 programming cable (connecting head unit & PC)
    • 1 power cable (to power the break-out box)
    • 1 float switch with mount
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  6. Seaslugteam

    Seaslugteam Guest

    I would like to take a look at it if possible.
    I've been playing around with the arduino myself and this would probably saves me a lot of time. Especially with the power bar.
  7. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Good plan.
    That is exactly what I did.
    Started with RA, got it largely working, then built my own.
    Downside: You have to learn how the RA software stack works. Not hard, but not trivial.
    There are good forums for RA. Quite a few people tweak the SW for their own uses.
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  8. gaberosenfield

    gaberosenfield Juvenile Chromis over an Acro in the Red Sea

    I have an RA and love it. I don't have a lot of programming knowledge, but it really is pretty easy even if you want to write your own functions. I'd be glad to help anyone who's having trouble. Of course it sounds like Seaslugteam won't have any problems I can help with...
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  9. Seaslugteam

    Seaslugteam Guest

    Thanks for the offers of help. I think I should be fine on the software side of things.
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  10. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

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  11. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    @Seaslugteam let me know when you want to pick up the ph probe.

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