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  1. xcaret

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    ...if there was an Understanding Reef Chemistry post where people could dive in and read; something with basic, plain English that even a cave man can learn?
    Something that can not be modified or post to drive it off topic so that a lot of us can look at an specific topic such as
    Basics of a CaRx
    Two Part Dossing (three part solutions Ca, Alk, Mag)
    PH Problems(Identify)/Solutions
    Knowing your Parameters

    Only BOD or long standing members with the proper knowledge could add/edit the info.

  2. pixelpixi

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    I think it's a great idea. If you or someone wants to work with people to gather the info, I can put it up in an easily accessible spot.

    It could be as simple as links to good introductory articles. They're out there.
  3. Gomer

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    I've posted this a couple times for these situations.
  4. tuberider

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  5. xcaret

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    Thx, I just thought of something simple where you dig in and get the info right under "Aquarium Discussion"
    Would be intended to acquire basic but important reef related chemistry.
    I suggest something where no additional posts/comments could be placed so the sub-forum can be accessed by the newer ones of us and keep it as simple as possible without off topic comments. Links to advance topics can be placed there to broaden the topic.

    As an example

    Calcium Reactors
    Understanding how they work, basic chemistry, pros and cons and equipment related (PH Meter/Controller)

    To help understand something more complicated as the aquarist advances, just like we do in school, before any algebra, calculus; the most basic of equations addition subtraction.

    When reading an article and I'm honest, once the formulas come in is like a whole different language to me BUT if I had the most basic and simple start point it could mean a whole different thing and most important a successful reef keeper.

    Resources is great but I doubt someone new will look first there than under "Aquarium Discussion"
  6. tuberider

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    Isn't that to be found in all of the links provided?

    It may not be found in the most intuitive place, but the chemistry provided in those links is VERY basic and I'm not quite sure that it could be made much more simply without compromising the integrity of the science involved. The info you may be looking for may relate to something someone else is looking for yet be slightly different so things need o be painted with a broad brush.
  7. xcaret

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    All that info is great but a specific one under Aquarium Discussion or just a link right there. Honestly think I, as a new person to the hobby or with a little experience would search under Aquarium Discussion first than Resources.
    I discovered the Resources link when I was looking for some glass, and other hardware stuff but when it came to question myself about two part solution or other additives, I went straight to "Aquarium Discussion", searching posts and if I could not find something close to my question, then created a post.

    I suggest only few of you with knowledge about the topics to be able to add/edit to keep the info/sub-forum as clean as possible. Many of you guys are an excellent example to follow; I'm not suggesting all that you have learned to just give it away to some lazy a... that does not want to do research but a little "Jump Start"

    Hey, if I had not been referred to you guys (BAR) I don't think I could have found a home; the jump start was "Here you go, visit this site, nice people there, "

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