Reef Nutrition Arcti pods and Oyster Feast Question

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by Reef Keeper, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Reef Keeper

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    I bought a bottle of RN Arcti Pods and a bottle of Oyster Feast that states "best used by June -- 2010." I don't think I can use all of it by then. Can they be frozen without negative consequences, such as lost of nutrition value or integrity?

    I was thinking about pouring some into a ziplock bag and lying it flat in the freezer, then breaking some off as needed. Or, pouring it into some empty Formula #1 and 2 cube trays (like ice cubes).

  2. Sfork

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    I'm also interested in this as I have some that's about to expire
  3. GreshamH

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    Feel free to email us any question you may have about our products. We answer every single one :) (email is listed on the website)

    AP - I would not free it as freezing doesn't stop the process as to which we decided on the shelf life. They contain an enzyme that acts like an "auto destruct". It eats through the "shell" and causes all the oils to leak out and leaving an empty "husk".

    OF - While we have done no testing on the freezing of AP and what it may do to the product, I still would not freeze it. Freezing bursts cells and given the small particle size it all ready has, I wouldn't want it any smaller.

    The "Best Before" (no Expiration) date is like milk. If stored properly the product should be good even after that date. Simply smell it to make sure it hasn't changed to a sulfur or metallic smell. The one exception is AP. The date on it is pretty accurate as to when they'll spill their oils out.
  4. GreshamH

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    Which product? AP, OF or another one? My OF is a month and a half over the best before date and it's still just fine.
  5. newhobby

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    Nice to know it :)
    I'll just smell it from now on :)
    How about the phyto feast?
  6. Reef Keeper

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    Thanks Gresham,

    I was hoping you'd chime in.

    I wanted to give the LFS's my business, but going forward, I'm just going to have to save "no" to LFS's that have RN bottles that are real close to the expiration dates. I made the purchases this week because the LFS said I could freeze it. Thanks for helping me keep my fish and system safe.

    Since I haven't opened them, maybe they'll take them back.

    Thx again.
  7. Sfork

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    I have OF, actually the date is a bit scratched (exactly and only in the spot that matters most)so I'm not sure if it says 01/xx/2010 or 07/xx/2010. I hope it wasn't deliberate since i bought it around 02/03/2010. I'm pretty sure it says 07 because there's no _ under the 7.... but then again it was the only one in the fridge when I picked it up $)

    for future reference, how "fresh" do these usually come out?
  8. GreshamH

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    Phyto-Feast Live, Tigger-Pods and Macro-Feast are shipped the same week as bottling. The others usually are shipped within the first couple weeks but no longer.

    Tim as head QA I can tell you we're having some issues with that hot stamp so I doubt it's deliberate :)

    Reefkeeper can you PM me the LFS name so I can correct them :) I don't like out dealers giving out bogus information, it hurts us just as much as it hurts them.

    Roberto, same deal with Phyto-Feast. If you smell a metallic smell in it after the best before date, discard it.
  9. Sfork

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    Oh, what i meant to ask was: what's the shelf life on a fresh bottle?
  10. GreshamH

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    4 months on all but TP, FP and MF.
  11. Sfork

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    Well then, mine must be 01/xx/2010 because I bought it early Feb. Guess I wont frequent that lfs anymore.
  12. Reef Keeper

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