ReefBrite vs. PowerBrite Comparison

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by VietNR1, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Hey All,

    So I originally bought 3 PowerBrites to place over my tank after seeing Jason's set up. Then a few weeks later I see the ReefBrites and Jimmy and I decide to pick up 2 - 48 inch bars. Perfect for his tank, a bit short on mine. However the spread on the ReefBrites are great. I was wondering if anybody had a PAR meter here so we can do a legit comparison instead of just visual.

    Just to begin.

    1 Reefbrite 48 inch - $220

    3 PowerBrites - $160 from DFS

    Spread - The PowerBrites are intense, the higher up you go the better spread you get, otherwise its almost like you are spot lighting stuff. The ReefBrites are great with spread. Even in my 6 foot tank the 4 foot bar does a good job of spreading.

    more soon....
  2. yellojello

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    It won't be a direct comparison, because 1 48" Reefbrite has 24 x 3w LEDs (run at 1.5w). The PowerBrites have only 4 1w LEDs each.

    Reefbrite uses a T5 like reflector, which has good spread, and decent penetration. The PowerBrites use lenses, so they have ok spread, a little better penetration.

    I'm using a single 48" on my 4'x2'x2', and it's very nice, spreads the entire tank. My P&S camera can't take pictures of the actinics, looks bright white instead of deep blue color.

    We were planning on just building a DIY, but I figure 24 leds with meanwell drivers and not so nice build would be about at least $150, but the reefbrites have a very nice build so I thought I'd pay a little extra for that.
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    where can get the reefbite 48 inch?
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    We will have reef brite very soon...order was placed several days ago.

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