Reeflux 10k 250 Watt SE bulbs

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by psionicdragon, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. NOTICE: I just read again Rich's info about group buy. I am going to contact Aquatic Gallery first. So if we can get a better deal from the Doctor, I will use his price instead.

    I want to do a group buy on these bulbs. Anthony at is giving us a discount on our group buy.

    The quoted price is $ 57 shipped if we reach the min amount to order. You can choose from the 10k or 12k.

    Payment: Cash only

    Return policy: The return policy is as stated on their website. He will back up the products that he sells.

    Pick up at my house on the weekends

    You can find more information on these at:

    A member of a BAR has use these too. Probably can ask him/her about the bulb.

    I can start taking down the numbers of those interested.

    Please e-mail me at with the following information:

    -Full Name (A lot of people have similar first names :p)
    -Reefcentral/BAR handle
    -Phone number that I can contact you (no pagers...)
    -Time frame of when I can call
    -How many you want
    -E-mail address that is best to use if different from the one you sent your email with
  2. Elite

    Elite Guest

    I didn't know reeflux make 12K bulb.... Any link to the 12K bulb??
  3. Elite,

    Its on the last few pages of the thread. Its pretty blue and the people that have used it didn't need to use actinic supplements from what I understand.

    Hey, is your 10k really crisp white to you? What ballast are you using?
  4. Elite

    Elite Guest

    I don't have any reeflux bulb. I was going to buy it but PA ran out and then Karina hit. I switched the order to 10K XM because I couldn't wait for the bulb. My 10K is a little bit yellowish. I have them on the Icecap ballast.
    Regarding the 12K Reeflux bulb. I would wait for someone to test it first. The 10K XM has a very good par rating but their 14K suck. Hopefully this is not the case with Reeflux.
    I don't think a lot of people in our club use this kinda bulb. It will be hard to get enough people interested getting it. I like to get one 10K bulb if you order. I can use it on my 29G. I need to see what the color really like.
  5. Ya, it seems like most people are using DE 14k Phoenix. The reason why I am interest in these bulbs is because of that thread and I will be using LumIII. I thought you were using it too, but I guess I misread it.

    Do you mean the 15k XM bulbs?

    If no one wants to join in, thats fine with me.
  6. dswong01

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    What are some par value for the 10k and 12k bulbs with the following ballast ice caps(250W),PFO(250W)and blueline electronic.
  7. dswong,

    let me look that up for you and i'll post it. I was looking at those yesterday.

    I know the Icecap is in the middle of Par and color temp while standard magnetic had a higher color temp than par. I hope I am reading it correctly.

    Do you guys know if ARO ballast are magnetic or electronic?
  8. The information is on here:

    12k Has not been tested yet from what I have read or seen. Not many people knew there was a 12k.

    So the 10k has been out for a few:

    Icecap has PPFD of 86.1 and CCT of 15953
    PFO (assuming its a standard magnetic) 70.6 and 17060
    Blueline has 82.2 and 14953.

    Icecap used 253 watt
    Magnetic used 245 watt
    Blueline used 252 watt.

    In comparison with the 10k XM bulbs:

    (info here:

    Icecap has PPFD of 115.8 and CCT of 11543
    M58 has 137 and 12083

    Icecap used 256 Watt
    M58 used 315 Watt

    Assuming Power means Wattage. Don't forget that with more power = more output. So the XM uses more wattage than the Reeflux.

    In that 9 page thread, people said the bulb is more white than a XM 10k Bulb. Others say it has a tint of blue or pink. But it all depends on the type of ballast you are going to use.

    I would use Icecap, but that ballast is expensive! So I may just go with a Standard Magnetic.

    The 12k bulb seems a bit blue in the pictures. I wouldn't mind the blueness since I like it a lot.

    If I had the money, I would order 2 10k and 2 12k. The 2 10k would be used for a few to get growth out of the frag and the 12k for the coloration.
  9. If there isn't anymore that are interested, we may just order them ourselves since we won't be getting the discount.
  10. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    Im picking up phonix DE 14k bulbs for 68.00 each local, Im going there tomarrow at noon, if you like ill pick up extras, just call me, and yes the same price for Ice cap 10k and 20k bulbs
  11. Sorry for the delay Nich.

    I am going to use the LumIII that I have and may just get rid of my de set up.

    The group buy is cancelled :(

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