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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Thi Dang, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Thi Dang

    Thi Dang Guest

    Just started this tank about last week, and I've been doing my research for about a while! Everyone here seems super friendly, so I'm excited to be part of this BAR family. C:

    Kessil A350w is here!

    I've been reading about reef tanks on and off for about 6 months and I finally decided to bite the bullet and start one. I'm coming to reefs with a distinct background in plantedtanks so I'm used to the constant care that these tanks require.

    This will be my last summer in San Jose before I move out and go to college so I'm hoping to start this tank and bring it with me (its only a 2 hour drive).

    Potentially scape, I'm missing two small pieces of live rock which are still in the bags.

    Current Equipment (June 10th, 2014)
    ADA 30C Cube 7.5 Gal
    Hydor Koralia 70 Gal?
    Aquaclear 70? - Floss, Purigen, Chemipure Elite
    Coralife Digital Thermometer

    6lb FHI Dry Rock
    1lb Cured Live Rock
    Aragonite Sand
    Instant Ocean Salt
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  2. eldiablosrt8

    eldiablosrt8 Sponsor

    welcome and sweet setup!!!
  3. Devon

    Devon Guest

  4. Spoon

    Spoon Guest

    Welcome!! What are your plans for this?
  5. Thi Dang

    Thi Dang Guest

    Thanks for welcomes everyone!

    As for stocking plans, I'm mostly going towards a zoa garden with maybe a few LPS and one birdsnest at the top. I love the different varieties of zoa/plays.

    I haven't decided on the fish yet, I'm either thinking orange spotted goby/shrimp or just one clownfish. Any suggestions?
  6. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    Welcome to BAR :)
  7. Devon

    Devon Guest

    Nice, I'm a zoa freak myself!
  8. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    Nice, clean set up. Welcome.

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  9. Spoon

    Spoon Guest

  10. tr1gger

    tr1gger Keyboard Cowboy

    Fun stuff! Welcome :)
  11. Welcome to Bar! Nice set up!
  12. Prisonfood53

    Prisonfood53 Guest

    Welcome. That's a slick setup.

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  13. Thi Dang

    Thi Dang Guest

    Aha thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Really appreciate it. Just picked up 2 trochus snails, so upcoming pics soon!
  14. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Welcome to BAR! :)
  15. Thi Dang

    Thi Dang Guest

    Hazzah! June 23rd, 2014 Update!

    Plopped these two in a few days ago, and they're just the loveliest pair of Clownfish ever! They always swim together and wigggle everywhere. And they eat pellets!

    Got a nice little mini colony of this unknown zoa and its already grown 2 polyps! This is so exciting.

    Lastly, my current pride&joy of the week. I believe these are Lunar Zoas and the bright orange glow on that one polyp is beautiful. I wonder when this thing will take off.
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  16. neuro

    neuro Webmaster

    welcome! wow, a A350W Kessil on a pico!
  17. Thi Dang

    Thi Dang Guest

    Its quite a beauty.
  18. Thi Dang

    Thi Dang Guest

    Got some more corals! Who excited? I am. C:

    Got this beautiful yuma that literally glows yellow and green. This picture does it no justice at all.

    Also got this pretty yellow bubbly mushroom. Crossing my fingers it takes over one of my rocks aha.
  19. Ahruk

    Ahruk Guest

    Those are awesome ricordeas :D
  20. F6553066

    F6553066 Guest

    I have 6 Kessil's and since you can tune the color to what you want the Zoe's should pop out nicely. If you haven't already start the wattage at a low level, like 30-40 watts and work up slowly. The Kessil led's are very powerful. A lot of people including myself have burned their corals. This is especially true for the type corals you are putting in. Good luck and go slow.
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