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    I thought I'd start a resources sticky - as people add links I'll try to keep it updated:


    [shadow=blue,left][glow=blue,2,300]Equipment Purchase[/glow][/shadow]
  2. Thales

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    A couple fabu links

    For everything - good people, good service, great store. If you are even in NYC you have to go by B&H photo, its amazing:

    For strictly underwater stuff. Amazing service. I bought a housing, took it diving, and then a new model come out. The let me sell them the 'used' housing and upgraded me to the new housing for an insane deal. They have just about everything for UW photo/video:
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    ken rockwell ( has some very informational editorials utilizes hotshoe flash units as remote flash for studio lighting (cheap alternative to real strobes etc.) is a huge forum / gallery / showcase dedicated to digital photography

    sfbas ( is the San Francisco Bay Area Shooters group, dedicated to all photographers (amateurs to professionals)

    2filter has great filters, great cheap packages, and more!

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