Rock Anemones VIP Reef - Anyone want to split shipping? (Alameda)

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by jctse, May 15, 2016.

  1. jctse

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    I noticed some of VIP Reef's Rock flower anemone's aren't all they expensive but when you factor in shipping it gets up there. It's a flat $50 shipping fee to one location so I was to know if anyone was interested in splitting the shipping with me?

    I told them (Frank) I'd see if anyone was interested in my reef club and he said they'd hold the order for about a week before shipping. Just goto and buy whatever you want but make sure you choose "local pickup" and in the notes just reference you want it sent with Order #545. After we've finalized how many people we have then Frank will charge us each separately for the shipping.

    As an example: If I only get one other person we split the shipping $25 ea., 2 other people (50/3=$17), etc. I'm located in Alameda, work in Oakland, and open to suggestions. Would like to have an arrival date for something in the week of 5/23.

    Also in the coupon code field you can type the word comeback to get an additional 5% off. I've noticed that coupon code always works as its the one they automatically send out if you've left some items in the site's shopping cart.

    James Tse (jctse)
  2. I'm interested. Wondering if anyone else has experience ordering from these folks.
  3. Flagg37

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    The question is which one(s) to pick.
  4. Enderturtle

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  5. jctse

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    I just bought mine from the wysiwyg from the site. After you pay it automatically removes it from the site. If you're in, message me and I'll give you my number to coordinate.
  6. Ok -- I just put in an order for four.
  7. jctse

    jctse Guest

    Thanks Bruce i pm'd you my info.
  8. Ibn

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    That's where my latest batch of RFA came from. Also ordered some from Frank a few years back before anyone else started bringing them in.

    Still on the lookout for one that's mostly pink.
  9. Began511

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    Where will the pickup location be? I'd be interested in adding a few more rock anemone's but I;m in San Jose.
  10. jctse

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  11. jctse

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    Pickup in Alameda. Shipping will be no more than $17.

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