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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by FeliciaLynn, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    Hi everyone,

    A member on Nano-Reef is setting up a group buy through VIP Reef. In order to participate, we'd have to buy 15-20 anemones between the people in our club. They'd ship all of them in one box and then I could distribute them. The rock flowers would be from VIP Reef, which specializes in really high end, ultra rock flower anemones. The group buy would get us 50% off. VIP Reef has a $40, $60, and $80 section so the anemones would only cost us $20, $30, or $40 plus shipping, which would be split between all of us participating.

    If you're interested, let me know and let me know how many you'd like and from what price sections. The price sections will determine how colorful the anemones are. The cheaper ones are usually more solid colored, or common colored but very bright. The most expensive ones are the rainbows and more rare patterns.

    They want to order soon, so let me know ASAP!

    List of people participating:
    1) Felicia (felicialynn) - 2 $40, 1 $30
    2) David (pancetta) - 1 $40, 1 $30 PAID
    3) Neuro - 1 $30 PAID
    4) F6553066 - 3 $40, 2 $30 PAID
    5) Geneva - 1 $20, 1 $30, 1 $40 PAID
    6) Jruga - 5 $20 PAID
    7) Merith - 1 $40, 1 $30 PAID
    8) Newhobby - 2 $40, 1 $30 PAID
    9) Navdeep - 1 $40 PAID
    10) nly04 - 2 $40, 2 $30 PAID
    11) Kara13 - 1 $40, 2 $30 PAID
    12) Fingerwrinkles - 3 $40 PAID

    Orders need to be finalized and payment made to me by Sunday evening July 12th!

    Here's the pricing breakdown:
    If you gift me your paypal payment
    (Your Anemone Price Total + $3.50 shipping per anemone)*1.13

    If you do a goods and services Paypal transaction to me
    (Your Anemone Price Total + $3.50 shipping per anemone)*1.16

    Once you finalize your order, please Paypal me the total. My Paypal address is In the comments, please put your BAR username and a contact phone number.
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  2. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

  3. F6553066

    F6553066 Guest

    I will buy 5flower anemones. How do we coordinate which ones we want to buy. I know each has a disc number. Let me know how to do it. Other people may want the same anemone. VIP's site doesn't appear to have much more than 20 - 25. Anemones. I want this to be easy so call me at 510-655-3066
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  4. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    For this group buy, we don't get to pick out specific anemones. The anemones on their site are the retail anemones, whereas the group buy is basically us buying as a wholesaler and getting a "lot" of anemones that aren't on the site since they also sell wholesale to stores. You just get to pick by price category. I've never seen VIP have an ugly anemone, so I'm sure you'll get some nice ones! Basically you just pick what price range you want, with the more expensive ones being more the rainbow and rare color ones and the cheaper ones being the more standard bright green.
  5. F6553066

    F6553066 Guest

    OK, I'll take 3 of the 40.00 group and 2 of the 30.00 group
    Dick Flanagan
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  6. Geneva

    Geneva Supporting Member

    Hi Felicia, I'll take one of the $30 and one of the $40. Thanks for doing this. I've always admired yours!
  7. Pancetta

    Pancetta Guest

    Thanks for doing this Felicia. I sent you a PM on Nano Reef with my order.

  8. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    Awesome! Got it!
  9. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    Great! No problem! Thank David for bringing it to my attention. :)
  10. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    Got it! Thanks, David. :)
  11. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    I'm waiting to hear back from the person organizing all this on Nano-Reef, so I'll keep you all posted as I get more details. We're only a few anemones away from hitting the 15 anemone minimum.
  12. Jruga

    Jruga Guest

    Hey these look awesome! I'd like participate! I'll take 5 of the 20$ group if I can still get in on it.
  13. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Sounds good felicia sign me up for the 60$ one
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  14. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    Great! You can definitely still get in on it :)
  15. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    For the group buy, they're only getting ones from 3 price categories, $40 $60 and $80. So do you want one from the $40 or $60 category? And then of course that will be half off.
  16. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Wow, great activity on this group buy!
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  17. HiFidelity

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    this is funny, we should all post pics of these nems in our tanks so we have a massive collage of the same species haha
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  18. BAYMAC

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  19. FeliciaLynn

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  20. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    I pm'ed the person heading this up on Nano-Reef and now I'm just waiting to hear back. I'll keep you all posted when I get more details.

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