Running pvc through drywall and making it look pretty

Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by sid700, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. sid700

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    I plan on running pvc piping through the living room drywall and I am wondering how I can make it look nice. Is there a a type of grommet that's available? I thought of just caulking it, but I don't think that gonna pass muster with the boss.

    How did you finish your pvc through the wall project? Thanks.
  2. xcaret

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    Uniseals !
  3. BigMac

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    I have a similar project im mind. Uniseal?

    I'm going to look this up. It would be great to move my chiller outside!
  4. sid700

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    Really? I only know this kind :

    They look thin for drywall.
  5. If you're careful you can take a hole saw (used on a drill) and cut a hole about 1/8" larger than the outside diameter of the pipe. Gently insert the pipe from the inside wall through to the outside wall (this will prevent the drywall from breaking outwards. Once the pipe is in place, put a thin bead of caulk around the pipe and smooth it with your finger. For a finer line on the pipe, wrap it with a piece of scotch tape and then take the tape off after you've smoothed off the caulk. Once your're all done, retape the pipe again, paint the caulk and wall, and then remove the tape so you have a clean paint line.

    BTW, be sure to caulk the other side of the wall as well ... two attachment points will help minimize the chance that the pipe will shift after it's in the wall and thus damage the interior caulk / paint job.
  6. Plumstr8

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    +1 If you use a hole saw just get one the same size O.D. of your pipe, holesaws tend to walk a tiny bit in sheetrock so you will get your extra 1/8" just form the action of drlling. Also use a small long pilot bit with a level and or square to make sure the holes will be perfectly inline. Then drill from each side for a cleaner finish. Goodluck!
  7. gimmito

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    Checkout my build on drilling through sheetrock w/uni-seals. A few tips are to use a hole saw a bit bigger than the interior of the uni-seals (got mine at Bulk Reef Supply), you might have to trim the inside of the uni-seal w/a exacto knife, and finally use some vasaline over the pipe for ease of movemet.
  8. phishphood

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    might want to consider any possible vibration noise that can be transmitted through the pipe.
  9. rygh

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    I would suggest a nice routed wood grommet, with a bit of dense foam around the pipe.
    Make it look like a bit of molding / wood trim. Best if it matches your baseboards.
    Make a circle out of wood, route the outside, paint/stain.
    You can cut it in half for easy installation.
    If painted, caulk it like you would normal molding.
    The small (about 1/8") piece of foam on the inside is to prevent vibrations.
  10. kinetic

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    There are "cabinet bulkheads" that ELOS sells, which are probably just branded stuff you can get anywhere. I think they're just like uniseals:

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