Safetoplids -Anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by fishy408, May 15, 2018 at 8:58 AM.

  1. fishy408

    fishy408 Supporting Member

    Was planning on an Artfully Acrylic Lid, but didn't like the reviews:

    What I got from the reviews:
    • Good product quality
    • Communication is so bad, I can't even describe them with words.
    Enters this new Lid company, Anyone ever use them or hear anything about them? Since they are new, they don't have pricing on their website yet. They look very similar to Artfully Acrlyic.
  2. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    I had an Artfully Acrylic lid on the 47G tank. Nice solid build and it did take awhile to get it (5 weeks). The wait time and communication is better now than it was before since there are other companies producing them. Other than the one you link, Octo Aquatics also makes them (

    As for my review, I liked it initially, but then stopped using it altogether. Salt creep was the primary reason why I actually didn't like using mine. The way that the lids work is that they're meant to sit flush with the top of the rimless tanks, with bevel corners that holds them flush with the corners. The idea works extremely well, if you have a specific setup, such as the RSR series. The water line on those tanks are lower than what my tanks usually are at. In my 47G tank, and in my current 87G tank, my water line is ~1" below the top. This would be great, if I didn't run a ton of flow in my tanks. My water surface isn't consistently at 1" and the surface bounces around, sometimes rippling across the surface, reducing that water line to 1/2". As it hits the corners, capilllary action causes water to ride up the corners. It's not enough to overflow over the tank, but over time, salt creep would develop where those bevel edges are and you get salt creep on the outside of the tank at those points. The netting also gets wet over time as the water touches it and salt eventually builds up.
  3. dpc goes west

    dpc goes west Supporting Member

    I have a lid from safetop on my 30gal. My review: When i compared it to a Artfully Acrylic lid, the quality is way better IMO. ArtfullyAcrylics lids are floppy and dont have much strength, safetops are made from lexan and are solid. Communication is top notch, and you can add any special cutout if needed, IE autofeeder, fan mount . I was given a 2-3 month turnaround time from AA, safetop had mine cut and delivered in about a month. If youre worried about fish jumping, lids are great investments. I lost 2 fish prior to the lid, and i wasnt happy with the DIY look, the custom cut lids are clean and more appealing to the eye.
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  4. fishy408

    fishy408 Supporting Member

    Would you mind sharing the cost for your lid on a 30g?

  5. dpc goes west

    dpc goes west Supporting Member

    $140 shipped
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  6. fishy408

    fishy408 Supporting Member

    That's pretty good.


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  7. Flagg37

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    Lexan is just the brand of polycarbonate similar to plexiglass and acrylic. I’m almost positive that aa also uses polycarbonate. Polycarbonate works better than acrylic for lids because acrylic absorbs water and will warp where as the polycarbonate doesn’t.
  8. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    Yup, AA was made of polycarbonate. Sucker was sturdy as hell.

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