Salt Brand Parameters?

Discussion in 'Resources' started by seminolecpa, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. seminolecpa

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    I know there is one floating out there somewhere but I can't seem to recall the link. Does anyone know the link to a site that lits some of the typical chemistry parameters for the popular salt brands?


    Oceanic Tropic Marin

    CA xxx xxx
    ALK xxx xxx
    MG xxx xxx
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    crazzyreefer posted this (last entry)
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    I tested my change water Seachem ReefSalt yesterday and it was not what is on these lists. My water is sg 1.024. The salt is new for me and I am trying to figure out dosing.

    They say:

    dKH 10, mine 9.3
    Mg 1450, Mine 1050
    Ca 540, mine 440

    That is a very large batch range if they post average. When I compared my tank values before the change to these and then the tank at the end of the day my test numbers seem right.
  5. kinetic

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    nice links! I remember these from awhile back. I've been doing water changes with Seachem Reef Salt for a year now, only recently finally added some coral so we'll see how they like it. I'll write down my next water test (probably do the test tomorrow) and compare with the numbers. I love how Albany Aquarium carries Seachem Reef Salt, it's literally 5 blocks from my house.
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    Richard those numbers would be closer to advertised at 35ppt, the mag would still be a little lower though.

    One thing to keep in mind with most salts is that they are not made at each individual companies factories, only a couple of makers actually make their own salt. That makes strict quality control near impossible. :(
  7. sfsuphysics

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    Kind of scary that SeaChem mixes to such a high calcium. Looks like Instant Ocean is still a good bang for your buck.
  8. Gomer

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    Enter AquaVitro Salinity!!
  9. sfsuphysics

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    Or do your own damn testing after you mix up a batch and adjust as necessary :D Unless you're ok with forking over a kings ransom for that supposed "quality control" you think is there ;)
  10. Gomer

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    Salt in general, or is that directed at Salinity's guaranteed analysis?

    That aside, I value my time more than testing everything.
  11. sfsuphysics

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    Salt in general. Although I'm curious to know how Salinity quality control works.

    My time is valuable too... so much so I tend to throw caution to the wind when mixing salt, see if it's the proper sG, ok in it goes!
  12. tuberider

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    Duh, they make a large batch, test it and put the actual numbers on the bucket with a batch #, done deal. None of this lets make up some numbers that sound good and print them on the bucket ;)
  13. Reef Keeper

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    Hey Richard,

    I was a little disappointed with my new bucket of Seachem Reef salt. Besides leaving a lot of residue behind, here were my readings.

    First, it took 27 cups to make 45 gallons of mix @ 77.4 degrees to make SG @ 1.026 and Salinty of 35 using a calibrated refractometer: Usually, with other salts, it about 24 cups.

    KH was 8
    Ph 8.3
    CA 400
    Mg 1125

    Not great, but not bad either, as this stuff was $35 a bucket at Aquatic Central. It doesn't buffer real well even after a 10% W/C. So I do what these companies like, add their chemicals. I'm almost ready to buy a sack of baked baking soda to help out with my KH and my 2 part doser once I get it set up; and some other chemicals to maintain CA and MG levels too.

    If you find any salt you're very please with feel free to add it to this thread. I'll check back from time to time.

    Thanks for bringing this topic up. H)

  14. tuberider

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    Joel, keep in mind most salts are made at the same facility and your temp to SG ratios are skewed AFA conventional reef keeping parameters, good luck finding perfect salt ;)
  15. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Supporting Member

    Thank you.

    Overall, I've been happy with my salt purchases and so have the critters which are more important.

  16. I used hW salt a while back and loved that stuff. Took a while to make but was like heaven in the tank! :bigsmile:
    I finally found the number for them and got to get it back in. for me haha
  17. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Supporting Member

    If you plan on selling it the shop give a shout, so the rest of us can get in on it. I'm not sure what hW stands for and why it took a while to make. So feel free to clue us in.....

    P.s. I've got to compliment you on your water parameters. I tested the water my critter came home in, and besides being a little on the low side for CA 300, not bad, the rest of the testing was pretty spot on including sg and sal; and zero NO3 too. Thank you for taking good care of your critters, so the rest of us can benefit from the efforts you make there. Much appreciated.

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