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    You can try using rubber bands to hold them in place till they attach. I like the ones from fish stores. The kind that they put on the bag when you buy a fish.
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    It the mushrooms don't get blown around, I'd leave them without the rubber band. Yeah, they don't glue well, that's like trying to glue jello to the wall. Just leave them sitting around and they'll attach.
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  3. I love this analogy, because it's so true!

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    My long over due update.

    Everything has been going smoothly since I setup the tank. I ended up switching my lighting to a strip light with a manual dimmer.

    I've added various corals and recently added a yellow clown goby to my original two clownfish.

    I haven't had to do any dosing which is nice. I also do a 2 gallon water change every week to two weeks depending on how busy I am at work.

    I've had some small amounts of nuisance algae (bubble algae, bryopsis, and some others that I'm not sure of the name), however, I was able to eradicate them with my cleanup crew and an emerald crab. I think the fact that I have a 10g tank helps since the cleanup crew will eventually get to the algae much quicker versus in a much larger system.

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  5. Hondo

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    Added gorgonians, some mushrooms, some zoas, and a green slimer from Becho.

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    My 10g tank had dinoflagellates in the tank. On the glass, rock, corals, basically every where.

    I initially thought that I had bubble algae and some other kind of algae, until I was told that I had dinoflagellates.

    I started a blackout of the tank on Monday, March 16, 2015 until Friday March 20, 2015. I bought some H2O2 on Wednesday March 18, 2015 and started dosing 1ml each day. On Friday I uncovered the tank and have my Kessil on the lowest intensity with full actinics. That Friday I did a 50% water change and started dosing Fauna Marin Ultra Algae X. I also started adding some MicroBacter 7 to tank. I read that by adding the MicroBacter 7 to the tank, the good bacteria will help compete with the dinoglagellates and help to starve it out.

    I dosed as per Fauna Marin's directions and the dino is gone.


    Image00001.jpg Image00002.jpg Image00003.jpg


    Image00004.jpg Image00005.jpg Image00006.jpg Image00007.jpg Image00008.jpg
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    Looking good Hondo! Ever think about putting a shrimp in there?
  8. Hondo

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    After I was able to get rid of the dinoflagellates. I did a 50% water change on Monday, April 6, 2015. It had been about 2 weeks since I had done any water change since I was not supposed to do one while dosing the medication.

    I had decided to get a little more involved with the tank. My corals have not been flourishing, so I had decided to make some large scale changes. I upgraded my lighting with a Kessil A160W and a Spectral controller. My wife was nice enough to get these for me for Christmas.

    I added a AquaClear 50 modified to be a refugium with some coral rubble, chaeto, and clip-on led light.

    Purchased Sailfert test kits for Ca, Alkalinity, and Mg Started dosing the ESV B-Ionic 2 part and magnesium.

    Began dosing on Monday, April 6, 2015 after the 50% water change and testing to figure out how much my tank is consuming.

    On Monday, April 6, 2015 new corals were added and little scaping done. The picture below was taken right after which is why all the corals were closed.


    New refugium

  9. Hondo

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    The tank as it looks today Thursday, April 9, 2015.

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  10. Hondo

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    Thank you.

    I have thought about putting a single shrimp in the tank. I haven't researched yet, so I wasn't sure if a shrimp would do well in a 10g nano tank or what kind to put in the tank.
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    Sexy shrimps!

    My favorite pico/nano shrimp. They stay small and are very animated, wiggling and shaking their butt. Very entertaining. And not invasive like peppermint shrimps and cleaner shrimps. THose shrimps will steal food out of your corals mouths if you like to spotfeed.
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  12. Hondo

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    Added some new corals to the tank yesterday. Looking pretty good today.

    I wish my camera skills were better, but I'm not a photographer and I use an Iphone not a camera.

    A baby jawbreaker mushroom about dime size.


    Sunny Delight Palythoas.

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    Welcome to the jawbreaker club. :cool: Did it come with any red or green already?
  14. Hondo

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    Thank you.

    I can't see any green but maybe a tinge of red. I'm hoping it develops some nice colors as it grows. It's very small still.
  15. Hondo

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    FTS taken 4/17/15

  16. Hondo

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    Update: 4/22/15

    The tank is doing well. I have been dosing ESV B-Ionic 2-part and magnesium for 3 weeks now. The corals appear to be doing much better and I was surprised at how much I had to dose. It is no wonder that the few SPS frags that I was given all died or were nearly dead. I believed my frequent water changes would be enough, but they were not.

    As far as problem areas, I have an acan bowerbanki that has an old sore and a small hole that I asked about on another thread. The coral appears to be doing well and I was told given time the holes would not be noticeable.


    On a different thread I also asked about some small corals that have sprouted and I'm not sure whether they are aiptasia, xenia, or something else. Not sure what it is, but I will be removing those very soon.


    My rescue project:

    I'm not sure how I acquired the coral below. I'm not even sure what kind of coral it is. I think it is either an acan or maybe a blasto. I believe it might have come from Neptune Aquatics.

    However, this poor coral is barely hanging on. It had been glued a few times but kept falling off the main rocks and always seemed to be on its side. I finally glued it onto a small piece of coral rubble today. I dipped it in Coral RX in hopes that this will also help it recover. I'm not sure if it is too far gone to save or if it will recover given time, but I'm hopeful.


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    I picked up some coral frags from Junne yesterday. I still need to figure out placement.

    King Midas zoas


    ORA purple birds nest

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