seasonal fish problems?

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by mattcoug, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. mattcoug

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    The past few times I have gone to any LFS, I noticed that obvious fish disease seem to be much more pronounced now than I historically remember. Given that I have spent a huge amount of time/effort to get disease/parasite free fowlr tanks, I am afraid to touch the new fish.

    I am curious if other folks have noticed this, or if it is just me being paranoid? Is it a seasonal thing?
  2. euod

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    Yes, it's a seasonal thing because of weather change and flight delays due to holidays, fish and corals arrive more stress out. I am surprised to hear that you are seeing it now but then again there a lot of tropical storms around Hawaii and Asia this year. Also this is the reason why it has been a very fruitful year of exotic fish available to the general public with pintail, crescent, Katherine and black margin wrasses
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  3. Enderturtle

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    Concerned mainly about ich?

    Or other disease?
  4. mattcoug

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    I've had bouts with velvet, brook, ich, possibly vibro, uronema, possible cyanide poisoning, etc, so mainly everything :(

    What I see recently is worse than a little ich on the tangs; in the best stores, in almost every tank/system, I am seeing at least one fish that I know will be dead before next week. It wasn't like this in the recent past.
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