SeaSwirl,135GTank,Ballast,Skimmer,Overflow FS in Sacramento

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    Willing to ship the small stuff.

    1. Sea Swirl Wavemaker ¾” --$120

    2. 135 gallon glass tank and stand, good condition, comes with 30 gallon glass sump, custom made overflow--$200. Tank Demensions are 72" length x 24" Height x 18" width. Stand is 30" high. Very few scratches.

    3. 175 watt Dual Ballast Retrofit kit--$160 (48” Reflector, 2 Sockets, 2 13k Bulbs w/6 mo) also includes 1—46.5” T5 54watt socket set, bulbs (1 new 10k bulb and 1 actinic w/6mo), and ballast (capable of firing 2 bulbs).
    From Cool Touch
    Aluminum Extruded Heat Dissipation Box--All Aluminum construction made with T6061 Aluminum.This box was engineered to withstand, and dissipate the heat that is produced by the use of the entire range of HID Ballasts. The aluminum fin height is a whopping 1/2", allowing for extreme temperature dissipation. Compare that to other aluminum boxes sold which only provide 1/4" fin height. Built into the design of this box is legs and feet that keep the entire enclosure, elevated, to ensure unit stability and safety. All Cool Touch Lighting Ballast Boxes are equipped with quick connect sockets and on/off switches to allow fast relocation and easy installation. As well, included in all Cool Touch Lighting Ballast Boxes is a unique top track to allow for racking capabilities and handle bracket accessories (accessories not included). All boxes are factory wired for common household voltage of 120 volts, but most ballasts used are capable of multi-tap voltages.

    4. Emperor Power Filter 400--$25 (400 gph, 2 rite size E filters, 2--4oz media containers, spray bar driven bio-wheels)

    5. 2 Single End MH Sockets—$5 each.

    6. Jebo 180 Hang on Protein Skimmer w/AP1500 pump--$30

    7. CPR CS50 Overflow Box--$40 (With Aqualifter pump) 300 GPH, ¾” Bulkhead outflow, 6.5” wide

    8. New ¾” Locline Tubing 6” length with round nozzle, no NPT connector--$7
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    Hello there!

    I am interested in you MH set up (item #3). Could you please give me a call at 415-637-9276 or email ma at

    Thank you!
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    E-mail me:

    Prices Reduced!

    1. Sea Swirl Wavemaker ¾” --$100
    2. 135 gallon glass tank--$180.
    3. 175 watt Dual Ballast Retrofit kit--$140
    4. Emperor Power Filter 400--$20
    5. 2 Single End MH Sockets—$5 each.
    6. Jebo 180--$25
    7. CPR CS50 Overflow Box--$30
    8. New ¾” Locline Tubing--$5
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    Ballast retrofit and cpr overflow sold
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    bareefers BOD

    Skimmer and Locline Sold.

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