Selling my reef and equipment

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by blackwing, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. blackwing

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    As it is very hard for me to do and I am really enjoying this hobby and actually new to the group, but I have to sell my 10G reef.

    I am moving out of the country and have to find a buyer for all of what I have for my reef.

    My display tank is 10G, before anyone get mad at me by putting to much livestock wait.

    I have acontainer where my yellow tang, scooter blenny and firefish live and other corals


    5 nassarius snail
    2 big turbo snail
    1 ocellaris clown fish
    1 maroon clown
    1 scooter blenny
    1 firefish
    1 fluval 50 HOB
    1 green killing machine uv filter
    1 sicce nano wave pump
    15 lbs live rock
    Some led lights
    2 heater
    All the corals that you see on the photo

    I'm asking 500 for everything

    20180217_112643.jpg 20180217_112643.jpg

    20180217_112626.jpg 20180217_112600.jpg 20180217_112536.jpg 20180217_112550.jpg
  2. Apon

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    Sorry to hear that. Goodluck with your sale. It might help to post were you are located and maybe separate price listings.

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