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Discussion in 'General Club Business' started by sfsuphysics, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Out of curiousity when are the frag swaps for other clubs?

    Did MARS go to 1 a year?

    Just curious because it seems like it's been forever since I've been to a swap :) I know I missed the last Dixon one, but I want to know what sort of time period I have to have frags and stuff ready.
  2. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Both MARS and Seabay have websites you can search. FWIW< I don't think Seabay is doing one this year.
  3. racrumrine

    racrumrine Guest

    Mars will probably be having one in the Fall. The only reason they didn't have their April one was because of the WMC.

    SeaBay's was hardly worth the drive for me. Last year, they hurt the MARS swap by holding theirs a week or so before MARS.

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