September BOD Minutes

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    Here they are:

    September BOB Minutes

    October Aquascaping/DBTC Meeting
    Paul Whitby will give a presentation on aquascaping. His presentation was well received at IMAC recently. The second part of the meeting will be a DBTC bonanza. Those BAR members who have recently offered 2nd generation DBTC frags will be recognized. This will be both a BAR and Inter-club event. All Nor-Cal clubs will be invited. Frags that don’t find a home within BAR will be offered on the DBTC Inter-Club forum and they can be distributed at the meeting. There will also be a table for frags that people can bring for distribution. Anyone can choose what they want as part of the DBTC program. There will be two sheets at the table. One to record frags brought, with Karma points given and one to record DBTC frags received.

    A “Thank You” card was signed by the BOD and two $50 gift certificates will be purchased for Rosie.

    Food Forum
    The BOD decided that a Food Forum was unnecessary because it fits well under the Eutrophic Zone.

    Product Review Forum

    We decided that there was value in having a Product Review area in the forum, so Reef Talk will be split into Equipment, Fish, and Corals.

    The 2010 BOD

    A committee has reworked the board positions. The new slate will include these positions with these possible candidates*:
    President cwolfus
    Vice-President tuberider
    Treasurer seminolecpa
    Webmaster pixelpixi
    Secretary patchin
    Sponsorship iani
    Continuity mr ugly
    Special Events ibn
    Membership/New Member yardartist

    *All members are encouraged to run for the BOD.

    December Meeting

    Our December meeting will feature Rich Ross and a member’s potluck.
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    Who is Rosie?
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    Rosie is the lady at Chabot who ensures we get rooms for meetings and events:)

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