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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by sfpatentcat, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. sfpatentcat

    sfpatentcat Guest

    Mario, thank you for explaining the staining process. Here are photos of the stand being built:
  2. gimmito

    gimmito Guest

    Nice tank..and good job building the stand Mario !
  3. sfpatentcat

    sfpatentcat Guest

    One more rock...
  4. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    Congratulations Cathy, you found the slippery slope. Great tank.
  5. sfpatentcat

    sfpatentcat Guest

    :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((
    Today, the facilities people ordered me to remove the tank.
  6. mavjoy

    mavjoy Guest

    That sucks...even better, you can move it into your place and enjoy it more than ever :)
  7. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    That sucks!
    Your a lawyer.
    Can't you get an extension? :D
  8. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    WHAT !!
    What was their excuse, a Tsunami?
  9. iani

    iani Guest

    Man that sucks. Hope you will be taking it home and not breaking it down.
  10. 650-IS350

    650-IS350 Supporting Member

    Nice tank, hope you get to keep it and bring it home with you.
  11. houser

    houser Past President

    That stand looks so very nice with those dual opening doors.
  12. anathema

    anathema Guest

    That sucks!
  13. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - That just sucks! |(
  14. sfboarders

    sfboarders Guest

  15. sfpatentcat

    sfpatentcat Guest

    I had to relocate the Solana from my office to the house. Had a scare when one of the cardinals was missing after we had packed up the corals and rocks. It was hiding in the silt at the very bottom of the tank and was fine. Everyone at the office (except the facilities manager) misses the tank.

    The craziest part of the move was having a lady steal my packed file box (with lid) when I turned my back for 30 seconds to carry buckets to the car. Inside the file box was the Giesemann pendant, ballast, skimmer and topoff containers. The lady dumped all the equipment onto the sidewalk, and walked away with the box protecting her head from the rain! When I asked her to hand over my box, and asked why she took it, she said she thought it was filled with trash |(

    Here are some photos taken this week:
  16. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    The city is funny that way.
    Leave a box on the sidewalk.
    Glad the move went OK.
  17. anathema

    anathema Guest

    Looks nice in the new location, but I bet it was more fun in the office.
  18. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    Well it looks like the move went fine. I am glad you confronted the lady about why she did it.

    I hope she doesn't work for you folks - give her the evil eye the next time you see her.

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