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  1. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    If you got something awesome from the members frag swap (click to see event pictures), post it in this thread!

    I got:
    • Jason Fox Jack-o-lantern or Fake-o-lantern leptoseris (Thanks Neuro! :))
      • No picture, I think the revive dip was too harsh on it :[
    • Fruit Loop Zoanthids (6-8 polyps) (Thanks Corallus)
    • IMG_9891.jpg
    • Armageddon Type II Zoanthids (Hmmm I lost the container, I think this is from Boun11)
    • IMG_9879.jpg
    • Free pizza :)
    • The opportunity to meet some nice/cool people.

    P.S. Thanks for coming! and dip/inspect your corals!

    This is not the thread for complaints/improvement ideas. We'll set up a thread for that later.

    P.S.S. Check out this thread and vote on whether or not BAR should have a Photography Workshop this year. Yes you too can learn to take nice pictures of corals/fish.
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  2. (Aside from planaria, bryopsis, bubble algae and aiptasia.... )

    I feel like I really got some awesome things including:

    Miami Hurricane chalice, the pink is super neon crazy from @Reef Keeper
    Red Pink Acanthastrea Lordensis from @Ahruk
    Pink Sand Dollar Monti which has a really beautiful polyp distribution from @razr
    Duncan from @bluprintguy

    Thanks so much ya'll for donating such beautiful pieces to the swap. I am already excited about returning the favor in the next swap.

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  3. muhli

    muhli Guest

    Wow I really missed out =[
  4. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Webmaster

    Thanks to @Enderturtle for the dendro, @Apon for the pocillopora, and an unknown member for the bird of paradise (which replaces the one that lost coral warfare with the acan that it fell into)!
  5. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    So you got my dendro! Big tip on the dendro, he doesn't like light. Spray brineshrimp/mysis/food residue on him to get him to come out. He doesn't like much flow. Non-photosynthetic so he only gets energy from eating. They're not an easy coral so let me know if you have questions. There's 1 big polyp with 2 small polyps.
  6. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Some big hunk o' green monti cap
    a couple frags of red/orange monti cap (2 frags in one container!)
    Purple rim green cap, and looks like there's a different monti under it, season greeting undata or something (2 fer!!!)
    Green & purple symphyllia
    Some rasta zoas that I got because the top of the container said Taro, Rainbow sauce, coconut milk...or something like that :D
    Bird of Paradise
    Some orange dohicky that Mike gave me at the end (can't remember the name, he fragged it there)
    All of which are currently in my frag qt tank, thought I had some iodine to dip them, guess I was wrong.

    And my Yuma I won! Which of course as soon as I put it in the tank, it separated from the rock it was on... and now I have no fricking idea where it is... *sigh*
  7. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Lol! Mike!

    What you need to do is:

    Get a delicontainer full of rock rubble. Put it in your tank with your yuma, once you find it,. Put it in a low flow area and let it attach.

    I do this with a shotglass and two small rock rubble at the bottom. I use tweezers to position the mushroom/ricordea so it's foot is on the rubble then put it in my low flow area. The low flow gives them time to attach. Some attach in a day or two while some take 1-2 weeks or more.
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  8. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Yeah I know, I put a damn frag plug on top of the yuma while I went to go get some netting... summabooger blew away. I just hope I can find it, 30 square feet of tank makes for lots of hiding places.
  9. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Oh and I'm a fricking genius, I figure I'll put a small piece of nori right where the yuma was and watch which way the current takes it. And it's off... and my purple tang decides that now is the time he's going to eat some nori... never when I put it in a stupid clip, but sure float it in the tank and it's small... nom nom nom.

    The upside... I found the yuma! Lights are almost out, just the violet is on so it's fairly dark, and its easy to see every nook and cranny, it was in the back corner of the tank... I would like to say that was the direction the nori was headed, but it was dumb luck that I looked there :D
  10. Ahruk

    Ahruk Guest

    Glad to hear you found it. I can't wait to see pics of everybody's stuff once it's settled. I got a ton of awesome stuff for my jar. As well as, a really beautiful Hollywood stunner chalice, a whole boatload of snails, a purple sponge and a couple of colorful rhodactis mushrooms. But even though I love my new coral and inverts, I definitely think the best part of the day was talking to passionate reefers :D
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  11. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Supporting Member

    I did a light dipping, when I returned home, in Revive; and the corals were very clean. Thanks to those who took the time to frag some nice pieces for the Swap :0)

    Will post Frag Photos soon, but these photos from the net show the potential nicely...

    Here goes:

    Green Rhodactis - Shroom - Corallus - it was on SPS table for my last pick, not happy about that, but it is showy none the less. Within the order of Corallimorpharia.
    green rhodactis - Yahoo Search Results


    Capt America Zoas - RA2R sp? May look like this once it settles in. Right now kind of brown rim and red center is starting to show.

    Palythoas (Zoanthus Gigantus) - Captain America Paly ...

    Blue Stag Acro SPS- Bee505 sp? Very deep blue and pretty - Looks more like this Cali Blue Tort - Blue Tortusa
    Cali Blue Tort

    Light Blue Tort - SPS - Neuro Was lucky to get one of the two pieces on the table, and drew the smaller of the two as the larger was claimed. Very light pale blue, and very nice contrast with the other blues in the display


    Tyree Red Cyphastrea - SPS -Dswong01 Not sure if this frag is just "Tyree Red" or "Blood Red" All the links come up "Blood Red." This stuff grows like mad in my tank, so it should be very showy for an all red Cyphastrea....
    Limited Editions Blood Red Eyes Cyphastrea

    Purple Stylophora Acro - SPS - Member didn't list their Name - Very pretty and very nicely mounted. Very healthy and showy - Nice of the Member to bring it in. Like to thank them whom ever it may be.

    Vivid Purple Stylophora | Vivid Aquariums | Buy Online

    That's it: I came with 8 pieces and went home with 6 nice pieces. One of the best things was getting to meet and know some of our Supporting Members, and some of the Board Members a bit better :0)

    I think this Swap was very well managed, and the Board Members really held an excellent event. Looking forward to our next meeting / get togethers and Swaps.

    Now, I have to transfer this post to my Journal Page.

    Happy Reefing,
    Joel - Reef Keeper.
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  12. neuro

    neuro Webmaster

    @Reef Keeper - the light blue tort is like the image but it's skinnier. It has greenish tips! Imo it looks much better than the pic.

    @Enderturtle - if the jack o lantern you got from me, it's not Jason fox, but I would say reef raft/crc
  13. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Supporting Member

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  14. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Supporting Member

  15. Thanks @Reef Keeper for the info on the acan. I will place some bits of rock next to it and hope it's ready by October or December. The colors are beautiful and I want to be sharing exciting things in the next swap. :) The Hurricane is looking beautiful, I love the colors!
  16. Geneva

    Geneva Supporting Member

    After saying "no, I'll just watch" I really got into the excitement of selecting 3 awesome frags:

    Neon green cup monti from Dick (@F6553066)
    Miami Hurricane and Mycedium from Joel (@Reef Keeper)

    Pictures posted on my tank journal. Thanks so much!!
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  17. Corallus

    Corallus BAR Sponsorship Coordinator

    Ended up with some really nice pieces that took some serious time to acclimate, dip and place last night.
    - Purple tip frogspawn and red war coral from 3-2-reef & Ashalye
    - Green & purple pocillopora from Apon - great color, and my bushiest sps.
    - Mystery donor "birdsnest" which looks to be a bird of paradise
    - GSP and "orange and green" zoa's from jonmos75. The zoa's were the biggest surprise for me - the plug has over 50 polyps, and once they started to open up, they look to be what everyone calls Eagle Eyes. Beautiful.
    - And a small piece of Miami Hurricane chalice - Darcy, was that you who gave it to me? I didn't get your name when you snapped it off for me, but thanks again!

    I'll take some pics when things settle in. The only nasty I found was an aiptasia, plain as day, on the bottom of the birdsnest plug. At least that's all I saw during the acclimation process...

    @Reef Keeper - yep, that's what the 'shroom should look like once it's happy. Sorry it's not an sps ;)
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  18. @Corallus yep that was me, originally from @Reef Keeper , no problem at all, it was a large frag and is no worse for the wear! Sounds like you got some awesome stuff!!
  19. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    This was a fun event as this was my second time at a BAR function and was my very first frag swap and I and the family had a good time.......A large Special Thanks to all the BAR members, BOD and sponsors that made this possible!!!!

    After getting home I dipped and put everything and put into my QT Tank.....

    Got from the Frag Swap Today:

    Light Defuser on the Free Table using it as a frag shelf

    Green Ponape Birdnest - Piper (Free Table)
    Purple Stylo - ? (Free Table)---------------------------Would like to get a members name to this piece if possible

    (2) Vivid Purple Acro - Mr.T
    Green Frogspawn - Mr.T (Brandon Picked)
    Purple Monti Cap - Bondolo
    Blue Pavona Fondifera - Reef Keeper
    Green Pocillppora - Gaberoserfield
    Unknown Green/Blue SPS - Bondolo
    Green Leather Devils Hand - Anhit

    IMAG0230.jpg IMAG0229.jpg IMAG0228.jpg IMAG0227.jpg
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  20. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    @Enderturtle, did u loose the JF lantern or just stress it out?

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