Sick Clownfish?

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by Euphyllia, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    The trick is to burn enough rubber cement to stay warm without using up all the O2 in the freezer :D
  2. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    I sniffed it instead and felt all warm and fuzzy,....I think...
  3. Radiolunatic

    Radiolunatic Guest

    There is a tendency of Matthew that when everything goes wrong is because the fish is getting too old :)
  4. r0ck0

    r0ck0 Guest

    Thats the nice thing about captive animals, they have the chance to die of old age. Wild animals die as soon as they get a sniffle, you know survival of the fittest and whatnot.
  5. Radiolunatic

    Radiolunatic Guest

    On the same token, the risk of dying/stress due to human neglect is smaller too. How many time we (including me) made human/equipment error in our tank :)
    Hhhmmm, If I am a fish, do I prefer to die in a mother nature of someone else tank? :) Of course, captive bread fish never see a real ocean too, but they are more hardy to human error than wild caught fish. Sorry ... to make this thread OT. Hope the clownfish make it.
  6. Roc

    Roc Guest

    Actually I think it's right on track, I have seen a lot of threads on different forums where ppl were saying their fish were dying and asking why, only to find out they had stray voltage, copper in the water, etc which is what was killing them, they whole time most if not all of these threads were blaming the LFS, or online store for poor quality fish.........
  7. bookfish

    bookfish Guest

    CB fish are always going to do better in aquariums. It's really that straightforward.
  8. Euphyllia

    Euphyllia Guest

    She's back to normal now. She's helping the male with the eggs which should hatch tonight... :)
  9. nudibranch

    nudibranch Guest

    Speaking of fish becoming healthy again, one time my first grade teacher said she came home from a vacation to find there beta out of the fish bowl on the counter. So they try to peel it off but it is encrusted to the counter, they eventually get it of the counter using a spatula. They then drop it in the toilet, but they did not flush it. So there child is looking at the fish when he(I think it was there son) started calling for them because the fish was swimming in the toilet.
  10. Euphyllia

    Euphyllia Guest

    My teacher told us about his sister who loves animals. She had a goldfish and one day it jumped out on the counter while she was gone so she put it back in the bowl. The goldfish jumped out again so she tried putting it back in the bowl but it didn't swim around. She gave it mouth-to-mouth and saved it.
    I have my doubts about the story he told us but it's a cool story.
  11. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    '....but it's a cool story.' If you're into kissing fish.
  12. sid700

    sid700 Supporting Member

    I haven't seen my mystery wrasse in a couple of days. I say Bah!, He's probably in one of my overflows. He's done that a couple of times. I'll have to fish him out the following weekend - I need to go through the canopy and grab him by hand because the pipes are in the way of a net. Weekend came and no fish in the overflows. Looked around in case he jumped (I have 8" netting around the rim of the tank) but no luck. Skimmer has been skimming a lot lately, maybe he died some place I can't see. I was bummed. A few days past and I saw cleaner shrimps in the LFS. Hey, I can get shrimps again. Yea, I'll come back next week and get a couple of shrimps.

    This weekend, I decided to remove my filter bag because it's been a couple of weeks since I last put in a clean one. I lifted the bag and squeezed to allow the water to drain. I leisurely put in the new bag. Walked over to the trash to dump all the junk that accumulated in the bag, and lo and behold, there was a mystery wrasse looking at me with it's mouth open. I put him in basket in my frag tank. He's still alive. Now he's swimming in the main tank eating again.

    He probably swam into my durso-type overflow pipes. I just wrapped a layer of enkamat(?) around the openings for now. I'll find someting better this weekend. BTW, I got this wrasse June 28, 2009. So, no cleaner shrimps for now.

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