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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by mediumrare, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    I have an Octopus XS 1000 skimmer. It is on a small paltorm box in my sump that i made for it that keeps it always in the optimum level of water (5.5 inches) and i have it set to run on the drier side of wet. However, with seemingly no reason every few weeks/days my skimmer will go freaking crazy and overflow. Filling up my skimmer colector that then spills inside my stand (I just placed an order for an AVAST skimmate locker that will turn my skimmer off when it fills up. Does any one know why the hell this happens? is it cause of bacterial blooms? My levels are perfect (PH 8.2, alk 9-10, calc: 420-440) my sump light is on 24/7. Any ideas?
  2. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    i do have a bunch of tiny pineapple sponges growing in my sump...
  3. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    I just cleaned out my skimmer and the only thing that was wrong was the air intake adapter on the skimmer pump had salt plugging the hole..possibly that was the reason...
  4. robert4025

    robert4025 Sponsor

    You found the reason. Clogged air intake will make the pump draws more water than air in. That's why you want to make sure to clean the intake line once in a while.
  5. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    well, now my skimmer is squeaky clean..
  6. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    I am sure you already know this, but additives and glue will make your skimmer go crazy. If I forget to shut down the SRO when I am glueing new corals in the tank...........especially the reef putty. Skimmer goes nuts. Otherwise I don't notice many problems at random. Hope the clog was the problem.
  7. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    Fish farts are the main culprit :D

    + 1 on air intake.

    BAYMAC Guest

    Clean air intakes every time you dump the collection cup and clean the neck. This should be done every other week IMO. Pump Maintance is cruel as well. I clean, and soak, my pumps every few months.
  9. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    I think the salt clog was the main culprit. But now i have the avast skimmate locker in the mail and that'll be a good backup.
  10. BAYMAC

    BAYMAC Guest

    Lockers can overflow as well and are no replacement for maintaining the proper water and airflow FWIW
  11. gimmito

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    The Avast locker has a float switch that turns off the skimmer to avoid over flows...correct ?
  12. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

  13. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    yes that is correct
  14. BAYMAC

    BAYMAC Guest

    Ahh, I was thinking it was the old ping pong ball ETSS style, nice to know its not :)

    Still best practice
    to clean and not rely on that, which shuts off your skimmer. A few minutes every couple weeks surely isn't "too much work" :lol:

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