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Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by LeviT, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. LeviT

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    Hi everyone! It's been WAY too long!! I wish I was posting to say I was starting up a tank but despite my love of the hobby it's still not in the cards right now. I am however looking for a reputable source for coral skeletons (branches or whole colonies). I can find them on ebay at reasonable prices but i'd prefer to know where they came from (who hasn't had a tank crash and lost coral :) ) and hobby cultivated skeletons that were lost unintentionally would be best.

    What am I using them for you ask? I have a side hobby making custom materials for things like knife handles, pens and bottle stoppers (and just about anything you can make on a lathe).

    I'd be more than happy to renew my membership and post this in the buy sell trade forum if people here have stuff to sell but my intent was for a reputable (cost effective if possible) lead.

    Thanks again!!

    ps, I'm due for a new BAR shirt (my red and blue ones are worn out) if you guys still have some :)
  2. Flagg37

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    I usually just toss my dead ones. I didn't think there'd be anyone out there that would want them.

    You can get a new shirt at the upcoming frag swap. I think they're $20.
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  3. LeviT

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  4. LeviT

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    :) I know how that is. Feel free to send me a message if you want to lighten your skeleton load :)
  5. Kremis

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    i turn mine into crushed coral and give it to my jawfish for his burrow

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