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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Raddogz, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    Okay I'll help put this together so we won't have to bug Arnold too much until we're ready to order.

    The minimum buy level is typically $500 per total group buy order. If we get enough interest we can order by the next meeting. deadline to order will be March 19. Payment will be made to Arnold by PayPal (arnold.pon@nsc.com)

    Special Club Group Buy Pricing Plan ( on bottom list - don't ask me why). For more info check out there website.

    Our latest Technology: The MaxCap DI Product Line!

    The NEW MaxCap Ultra-High Efficient RO/DI System
    - Ultra-High Efficiency Module - Low Waste system (1:1 or better). STOP Wasting Water!
    - Filters last 2x-3x longer.
    - Comes with everything you need including Liquid Level Controllers

    MaxCapâ„¢ RO/DI Systems: Ultra-Pure Water with 99.95% Silica Removal & Extended DI Cartridge Life
    - MaxCapâ„¢ RODI 90 GPD produces 90 Gallons Per Day
    - MaxCapâ„¢ RODI 180 GPD produces 180 Gallons Per Day

    UPGRADE Kits: Everything you need to upgrade your exsting system to the NEW MaxCap Technology!
    - SP2000 Upgrade Kit for upgrading an SP2000 or 5-Stage RO/DI system to the New MaxCap
    - MaxCap DIâ„¢ D2 w/wrench, dual TDS meter: Upgrade existing RO System to the New MaxCapâ„¢ RO/DI
    - MaxCap DIâ„¢ D1 w/wrench, dual TDS meter: Upgrade existing 4-Stage RO/DI to the New MaxCapâ„¢ RO/DI

    Liter Meter III
    - An automatic precision dosing pump for the aquarium and horticulture industry. Three independent
    programs control one built-in pump and up to two external pumps. Perform 2-way water changes, in
    addition to eliminating the manual drudgery of dosing Kalkwasser, trace elements, or topping off
    evaporated water. Quiet operation, auto-calibration, and virtually maintenance-free.
    - The Remote Pump Module: Allows you to add additional chemicals and additives.
    - The Water eXchange Module: Allows you to automate water changes.

    DI Cartridges
    - MaxCap DIâ„¢ Cartridge (replacement cartridge for the 3rd Filter Housing for the MaxCap System)
    - Silica Busterâ„¢ Mixed Bed DI Cartridge (Final De-Ionization Cartridge for the MaxCap System)

    Deluxe FILTER Package! (Our Best!) (6 Pack DELUXE Filter Deal:)
    6 pack includes:
    - 2 0.5 Micron Sediment Filters
    - 2 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filters
    - 1 MaxCap Cartridge Replacement
    - 1 Silica-Buster Cartridge Replacement

    Premium FILTER Package (4 Pack PREMIUM Filter Deal:)
    4 pack includes:
    - 2 0.5 Micron Sediment Filters
    - 2 0.5 Micron Carbon Filters

    Economy FILTER Package (4 Pack ECONOMY Filter Deal:)
    4 pack includes:
    - 2 1.0 Micron Sediment Filters
    - 2 1.0 Micron Carbon Filters

    - Liquid Level Controller for Single Tank Replenishment

    - Inline Dual Probe TDS Meter HM Digital
    - HM Digital COM 100 T.D.S and Conductivity Hand Held Meter
    - HM Digital TDS Hand Held

    - FilmTech 75 GPD ( 90 GPD @ 60 psi/77°f)
  2. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    they sent me this in Jan......use these prices. don't forget shipping is extra. If someone else wants to collect money its ok with me or if you want shipped to someone else too.
  3. stubbsz

    stubbsz Guest

    I'll get The Six Pack to get the ball rolling.
  4. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    I need another small pressure tank. Last time Arnold had to ask them the price, but they did give me a deal. Any chance of asking the prices on the pressure tanks? :D :D please[/] :D :D
  5. nukeproof

    nukeproof Guest

    My friend and I might get a couple of Litermeter III. I will let you know as soon as posible. I want the TDS meter for sure since I lost mine.

  6. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Gresham, send me the model number so I can ask for you again.
  7. Thales

    Thales Past President

    Gresh - those things that look like small LPS gas tanks with the bladder inside? I have one you can have. :D
  8. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    What do you use them for?
  9. Thales

    Thales Past President

    I'll take a gallon of mix bed color changing resin.
  10. tonggao

    tonggao Guest

    I'll take a inline TDS meter.
  11. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    [quote author=Thales link=topic=3205.msg35772#msg35772 date=1204333274]
    Gresh - those things that look like small LPS gas tanks with the bladder inside? I have one you can have. :D

    Yes and THANK YOU :) It's Matt who needs it actually. I got him one of the booster pumps and it needs a pressure pump in order to work.

    You use them to equalize pressure and stop water hammerring (knocking noise when the float valve bounces off). YOu can store water in them as well so you don't need a res to hold the RODI water.
  12. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

    Called Spectrapure to get suggestions for my rodi. They suggested the Max Cap addon and their silica buster cartridge. Both seemed to be glorified resin units. Do you guys just buy resin and fill your own cartridges or buy their more expensive resin filters?
  13. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    Max cap cartridge basically makes the DI cart last a little longer. The max cap cart is not refillable the silica buster di one is.
  14. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    Please remember these prices do not include shipping which will a nominal charge (to be calculated once the order goes in)

    Stubbsz (Adrian) - FILTKIT-DELUXE-6PK (Pre-filters and DI replacements for MaxCap) $85.00

    Nukeprook (Patrick) - MTR-TDS-4TM (TDS Meter w/Temp Reading -Hand Held) $22.00
    => Patrick get back to us if you still want to add the Liter Meter 3

    Tonggao (Tong) - MTR-TDS-DM1 (Dual Probe Total Dissolved Solid Meter -Inline) $23.00

    Right now the total comes out to $130.00 we are $370.00 short of the $500.00 needed to place the order

    The last date for ordering is March 19 (Wednesday)
  15. nukeproof

    nukeproof Guest

    Hi Eileen,

    I just called my friend and he said he'll let me know by the end of the week on the Litermeter III. I'll hold on the TDS meter payment until I hear from him.

  16. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    March 21ist will be the drop dead last date for ordering for the April meeting
  17. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    I guess you guys didn't hit the mark. You can try again for the next meeting if you like. I don't think anyone sent me money, so you can keep this thread open as an opening order until you hit $500.
  18. nukeproof

    nukeproof Guest

    Sorry guys. My friend said he was really interested and he never got back to me.
  19. northbay-reefer

    northbay-reefer Honorary Member

    If I have an old dual stage and want to upgrade it to the RO/DI maxcap system, what do I buy? does the upgrade kit comes with a 90gal/day membrane ?
  20. anybody use their litermeterIII?

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