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  1. A_Lee

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    More here:
    and here:
    scroll down in each link

    :) Bon Appetite`
  2. mavjoy

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    Cool pics :)
  3. DurTBear

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    Very cool pictures! What settings did you use to take these photos? I'm guessing you need a really fast shutter speed with all of the motion?
  4. A_Lee

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    Thanks Mavjoy :)

    I was shooting in manual when I all of these photos -I couldn't even rely on the camera autofocus (since the objects were moving so quickly through the frame), so I manually focused everything as well.
    My shutter speed was about 1/150-1/200, depending on the picture I was taken.
    I did use strobes to help light the picture which in turn helped to freeze action and give the high key look :)
  5. Sfork

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    The half bell peppers were awesome and unexpected! :)
  6. sfboarders

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    Did you use RO water? :D The duck picture is so simple but it's a great photo.
  7. nudibranch

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    I liked how when you dropped in the raspberries and strawberries something like a "cocoon of water" formed.

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